What is P101 program?

Rita’s Pregnancy 101 exclusive prenatal program ‘P101’- lot of mothers to be are unaware of ‘P101’ program.

Rita’s Pregnancy 101

Let me shed some light on this ‘P101’ program.

‘P101’ program is a wholesome prenatal program which takes care of a mother to be’s all the aspects of life such as ‘Physiological’, ‘Spiritual’ and ‘Emotional’ by different activities throughout the week.

‘P101’ program includes ‘Exercises’, ‘Yoga’, ‘Meditation’, ‘GarbhSanskar’, ‘Hypnotherapy’, ‘Information sessions’ for different gestational age groups, ‘Music therapy’, ‘Meet and greet’, ‘Expert sessions’, ‘Festival celebrations’, ‘Potluck parties’, ‘Photoshoots’ and much more.

Pregnancy 101

‘P101’ program also prepares you after birth to cope with its own set of challenges. They say ’Knowledge is power’, and is absolutely true. With the given knowledge you know exactly when you should use which home remedies and when to visit a doctor without hampering new born’s and new mom’s health.

‘P101’ program doesn’t end there. It continues even after birth fitness. We offer a specially designed postnatal program which will not only get back to you to pre-pregnancy shape and size but also will ensure appropriate diet and good breastfeeding.

‘P101’ program attendees have healthier and smarter babies. The mothers recover much faster post birth and they have a much happier family life ahead.

‘P101’ program is designed by a renowned childbirth educator, Hypnobirthing (USA) instructor and an author of ‘Why Breastfeed? And Weaning diet recipe’ Mrs. Rita Singha. She has a team of child birth educators who carry out the same program across all the center. The program is run in safe, air-conditioned and private area where we ensure the best program possible. We use props, ppts, gym equipment, music etc to carry out the mother to be friendly and proven program which helps the wellbeing of both the newborn and mother to be.

P101’ certified centers

‘P101’ certified centers are located at Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Vadodara, Surat, and Chandigarh. Feel free to visit P101 website www.pregnancy101.in for the addresses of the centers and also learn the profile of your childbirth educator to get familiar with.

P101 Childbirth educators provide you with below:

• 24X7 support in labor
• Answer all your queries related to pregnancy, birth and after birth
• Pays attention to individual’s demands or health concerns
• Talk to husbands on how to care for you during labor
• Talk to moms and mother in laws to make sure they take care of you and baby in the new lifestyle way which is backed by science.
• What’s app group for you to connect with your fellow mother students
• Organize events to ensure you don’t miss out on any festivity
• Library for you to read books and magazines on relevant topics

p101 classes

Also do visit P101 Facebook Page to get more knowledge on pregnancy, baby care, and postnatal care. There are ‘Blogs’, ‘Birth stories’, ‘Tip of the day’, ‘Videos on various topics’ etc.

‘P101’ offers one free class for you to understand the program and the package. You may call on 09925104024 to book your class NOW.

Rita Singha

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