Who will decide a birth date of your baby?

Birth is a natural process. A baby should get 38 to 42 weeks in the womb to grow and develop at its best. If baby is born earlier than 2 weeks before due/expected/guess date, baby is under developed. Baby could be taken to NICU for treatment or supervision and that way he/she is separated from a mother.

Baby Birth Date

Everyone now has an understanding that baby needs mother’s milk right after birth for 2 years of his life. The mother’s milk and mother’s touch is what baby would deprive of if taken to a special care unit. Mother may be in a gynac ward and baby in a pediatric ward. It’s possible that baby is not given to mother for days or weeks post birth in some cases.

In this process mothers and babies DO Suffer. By giving birth on the day of Janmashtami doesn’t ensure a Lord Krishna in your arms. What will ensure for you to get lord Krishna is your sanskara, what you teach to your child. That will come with time. Right now focus on giving adequate number of days in the womb which means better health. Take care of sansakara later, you have whole life to work on it.

Baby Care

I have personally seen baby Lord Krishna (baby boy born on Janmashtami 6 weeks before due date, by choice) in NICU for 4 weeks crying for his mother and her touch… New born had lower body weight, lower immunity and lower height. The organs had not developed completely and so baby remained slow for some time.

And Let me also tell you that babies born on eclipse are also nice and healthy if born near due date. Since centuries babies are born on non-auspicious days and they still are healthy and successful.

DO NOT fall for a particular day like ‘Janmashtami’ or date like 11/11/11 for you to give birth…

Every day is beautiful and special, especially when your baby is born.

Rita Singha

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