5 Things Pregnant Women Must Watch Out For This Diwali

Diwali for Indians is perhaps the biggest festival of the year. While it’s a time for family time, giving & remembering happy childhood memories, it is also a period to remain safe & watch your diet.

These precautions become even more pertinent for pregnant women and new mothers. Based on my own experience and the incidences I hear from the members of Rita’s Pregnancy 101, I have drawn up a quick 5 pointer that will keep you safe & not be a spoiler for your Diwali plans.

1.No Fire Crackers

Fire crackers are a big no for expectant women and young kids. In fact it should be a no for everyone, but certainly a no when you are pregnant. The fumes from the gun powder, potential accidents, people playing hazardous pranks. The list is endless why you shouldn’t get involved with fire crackers.

2.Eat In Moderation

No matter how tempting all the sweets and Diwali special foods are, you will certainly be better off sticking to your diet plan. Binge eating during Diwali is a common phenomenon, remind yourself that it’s not for you.


Rita’s Pregnancy 101 girls doing rangoli.

3. Avoid Strenuous Socialising

Whether it’s a continuous stream of guests making a beeline at your place or the expectation that you tick off the mile long list of relatives by visiting their homes, it’s best if you refrain from the rigorous socialising that is expected from the “bahu” of the house. All of a sudden launching into a frenzy of mental & physical activity is best avoided during pregnancy.

4. Don’t Squeeze Into Uncomfortable Attire

There is an expectation from the Indian daughter in laws that they look their best especially during the festive season when the guests are visiting and taking back impressions. However don’t be too fussed if you can’t fit into your regular heavy Indian dresses. If you must, then buy perhaps dressy maternity wear which will keep you comfortable & not restrict your movements too much.

5.Remember Your Medication & Supplements

I have heard it all too often that “I forgot my folic acid tablets since we had guests at our place all day” or something similar. Prescribed supplements & medication can’t take a back seat to festivities.

Watch out for these few little things and you should have a memorable Diwali during pregnancy this year. Enjoy Diwali and make it a memorable one, after all it’s not every Diwali that you will be pregnant.

Rita Singha

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