Ankita’s Birth Story: I Believe it’s all in the mind

I was in my 38th week of pregnancy and everyone around me was anxious as to when baby will be out. With every passing day my weight was increasing and the so was the discomfort.

My due date was 10th Aug and I was already in my 39th week. I had planned a vaginal delivery with my gynaecologist, Dr. Seema Sharma, she suggested to induce my labor manually on 3rd Aug as ultrasound reports showed a healthy baby. So we decided to go to hospital at 5 am on 3rd Aug for same. Frankly I was not prepared for this as I wanted everything naturally. But with my husband Ashish’s support, guidance from Dr Seema and Neeru ma’am I made my mind for getting induced manually. We prepared the hospital bag in the night and were ready for the D-day next morning.

I was not able to sleep and looking at the clock. That is when around midnight I felt something. I checked and found out that my mucus plug was out. Next I realized I am having contractions 10 minutes apart . I was so happy that the labor process has started itself.

I prayed to God and left for hospital at 2 am when contractions were 6 minutes apart. It’s true it’s all in the mind. If you think positive, positive things will happen to you.

Once we reached hospital doctor checked me and told that I am 3 cms dilated. Nurse told me to lie down and have regular NST. But I opposed and said I am not comfy and want to walk. I had to really oppose and make reasons so they do not tie me to bed.

3 am when everyone was sleeping I was walking in labour ward gallery and taking the pains by standing and moving my pelvis and breathing. This was told by Neeru Ma’am at Rita’s Pregnancy 101 classes that gravity helps best when in labour. Pains were now 4 minutes apart by 5 am.That is when doctor scolded me not to walk and I was tied to bed. And in the next internal doc told I was 7cm dilated.

All this happened only because of labor classes, exercises and info classes from at my prenatal classes taken by Neeru mam. Doctor was happy with my progress. As time progressed pains increased and Ashish was continuously reminding me to deep breath and he was massaging my back and pressing the acupressure points.

Finally my water broke and around 7am I was taken into the labour room. There the contractions increased further and I was asked to push really hard. And once crowning started with nurse and hubby’s help I delivered my bundle of joy, my baby boy.

Thanks to all the people who helped me in this journey – Neeru mam, Rita’s Pregnancy 101 classes, motivation for normal delivery and Neeru mam’s love and affection, my husband Ashish, Dr Seema and her team.

Neeru Verma

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