At 14 Weeks I Realized That I Need Proper Guidance

Right after a month post-marriage I found out I was pregnant. Staying away in a different country without much family support and an underlying medical condition I was so scared and nervous about how will I manage my health, job, and the upcoming pregnancy. First trimester I tried keeping myself active on my own but nothing worked and with my ongoing demanding job I was neglecting my health during pregnancy.

Around 14 weeks pregnant, I realised I need help and proper guidance during my pregnancy. My partner did extensive online research and we decided to join Rita’s Pregnancy 101 classes. I must say that was the best decision I made during my entire pregnancy. Within a week I could feel the difference. Regular daily exercises with my P101 educator Srishti made me focus on my health. I became more active day by day. I especially enjoyed the meditation and prenatal yoga sessions, those cured my anxiety a lot and made me a lot more mentally stable. My favorite part of the sessions was talking to my baby never realised it would be so comforting and gave me peace of mind. Srishti guided me in every step of my pregnancy from daily exercises to sending remedies and exercises for any pain in the body she did it all. For a first-time mom P101 info sessions guided me for every aspect of my pregnancy and what to expect postpartum. I must say pregnancy and postpartum diet and breastfeeding sessions were very informative.

Throughout my pregnancy, since I was exercising regularly I never had backache and no swelling at all. I was overweight pre-pregnancy and was concerned about weight gain during pregnancy .. Srishti guided me with eating healthy and I only gained 10kgs(baby weight included) during my entire pregnancy.

Due to my medical condition, my labor was induced but I was ready for it. I was regularly doing squats, Kegels, and breathing exercises. The induced labor was super painful but breathing exercises during the labor helped me bear that pain. I even did squats and sat on the birthing ball with my partner’s help in the hospital during my early labor. We practiced all the labor positions beforehand that Srishti taught us.. it was super easy to do them all during the labor.

My active labor lasted only for an hour which was quite a smaller duration for a first pregnancy and my baby was out normally without much pain.

All in all, I would say my pregnancy journey was amazing and comfortable with Srishti’s help and every penny spent was worth it when you have a normal vaginal delivery and then hold your baby for the first time in your arms. It was the best moment of my life. I feel blessed and even though it was an unexpected pregnancy, with Srishti’s support I became ready for it. I can’t thank Rita’s pregnancy 101 classes and Srishti enough and I highly recommend to join them when you are pregnant.

Finally, sharing pictures of my pregnancy, me in labor, and my newborn.

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Srishti Sengar

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