Attending Prenatal Classes Vs Home Exercise Videos

For a woman, pregnancy period is considered as the best part of her life. Every single woman cherishes this dream of being pregnant and when this takes place she leaves no area to take the utmost care of herself and also the unborn infant. It’s a remarkable and awe-inspiring notion to bring a new human being into this world. When maternity takes place a woman becomes an extreme amount of mindful of her body to take good care of herself during the complete period so that the baby can grow healthy and normal. A woman’s body endures so many changes during this specific time period. Physical, hormonal as well as emotional changes are part of pregnancy. The woman should not only take care of here self to carry on the pregnancy, but she should also take into consideration about easy of the childbirth.
Attending Prenatal ClassesPrenatal yoga or yoga exercises throughout pregnancy secures the child and the mother from any sort of issues along with ensuring a calm feeling in the connection of the whole birth process. These physical, spiritual, and mental exercises help to alter the body and mind in a unique way. Unlike the various other fitness programs like weight training, walking, running, etc., practicing yoga improves the mind and body in a distinctive way.

Yoga and prenatal exercises are one of the best ways to carry out this recommendation and can normally be performed during the entire pregnancy. If you are wondering about how to do this work-out, then let me introduce with its two different ways, one of them is prenatal exercise classes to feel empowered and bring a support person and another way is following videos at home through DVD’s it’s specifically for the one who do not like schlepping to the classes. So you are here and reading this blog post means you are also one of them who is wondering why pregnancy classes are better than following the videos from home? Right. No worries, to help you out and answer your question I am writing this post to give a correct detailed guidance.

So, let’s have a look why attendinga prenatal yoga class is actually a favorable and beneficial thingover following DVD videos at home

  • The first and foremost advantage of such prenatal exercise class is a human component which is so important and lacking as we are becoming more technological society. Having the DVD at home can allow moms to only practice through following videos at home. Following videos will for sure not help you to pay attention or to learn about the experience of pregnancy and your thoughts about birth, postpartum, raising a baby, and becoming parents.
  • This is also an advantageous aspects of going to prenatal classes is the opportunity to meet and chat with the women and partners in a similar situation just like you; these classes are specifically designed to cater a special care for groups of women who are at a similar stage of their pregnancy as well as to make good friends and also keep in touch once their babies are born. However, making use of DVD the only thing you will get to learn is somewhat of correct guidance of exercises like what to do and just what not to do. There is no skillful mentor to discuss and understand the feelings, desires, struggles, or problems you are facing.
  • At prenatal yoga classes, exercises are being performed with a group of moms so; you can discuss about your fears, about labor and also about the birth with the skillful instructor as well as you can also discuss these same things with other women.However, performing these exercises through watching videos means no genuine camaraderie or any other person’s support because, you are performing it alone at your home.
  • At prenatal yoga classes, you can discuss anything with your mentorwhether it is pain relief options, medications, massage relaxation or if it is breathing techniques.However, through watching DVD’s and without careful instructions, it’s somewhat impossible to have that ability to go deep within yourself to experience that self-nurturing thing.
  • A journey of your birthing facility during parental classes will give you an opportunity to see the staff in action.It’s also an opportunity to discuss with your instructor about the routine practices, such as electronic fetal monitoring and freedom of movement during labor. Having a DVD at home means you can’t expect anything rather than practicing of different poses.

The benefits of attending a prenatal yoga class over DVD are plentiful.Last in sequence but not least in importance the curriculum also teaches a woman about the Hypnobirthing technique to experience a feeling similar to daydreaming; however remaining controlled and happy during labor as well as birth. So, I am pretty sure that you would have your answer that why you should only go for prenatal yoga classes rather than following DVD videos at home. So, join a prenatal to have a joyful time to exercise outside of the home and also to recapture lost energy, relax, de-stress, and achieve balance during a cheerful, but stressful time in life.


Rita Singha

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