Best parenting funda: Accept more, Love more and Play more

Parenting especially Motherhood is undoubtedly the most wonderful job. However, it comes with its share of sacrifice and acceptance.

The frustration and depression rate post partum has increased many folds in the last decade (with reference to India). One of the most obvious reasons is that females have become more aware and they are willing to talk it out. However the less obvious but more significant reason is that the females have become less accepting.

These days’ most of the females are working, outgoing and/or are high on social life. So the paradigm shift of having the baby and responsibilities that comes along with it (like confinement to the house) tends to get frustrating and depressing for them.

The results are atrocious. They are physically present but always with their gadgets. They reduce breastfeed and start bottle feed especially at night which gives them freedom/flexibility to move out. Ladies, please don’t do that. Ask for help, take “me-time “as and when possible but give your quality time.

I always tell my friends/clients that baby needs you the most in the initial formative years. It was your decision to bring the baby in this world; so you can’t devoid them from their fundamental right to breastfeed (unless there is some medical condition) and unconditional love.

Acceptance is the key. Sacrifice comes naturally and happily when you are prepared for it. Grab this time when you are the most important person, hold it and enjoy it for as long as you can. Your tiny creature will soon get wings and will fly away and all you are left with is MEMORIES.

PS: This is purely my personal opinion. I am not discouraging anyone from working. Infact you are your lil one’s role model, so you have to be independent. I also understand that there are various others things that are not factored in (for e.g financial status, unsupportive partners or family, rituals etc). But all I wanted to stress upon was to accept more, love more and play more.

Parenting is an interesting topic. There is no right or wrong. Everyone has their own special way to bring up their babies. But one thing is for sure, all babies need love and attention. Leaving you with this beautiful suggestion and many more on our blog page. To learn more visit our website Rita’s Pregnancy 101.

Palak Chaturvedi

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