Coconut water, Amrit in pregnancy

Earlier coconuts were found at sea regions. Now we are lucky to cherish them in all parts of India. Coconut is very versatile fruit. It can be used as Coconut drink, Coconut milk, Coconut cream, coconut flesh, dried coconut (in form of desiccated, shredded and flaked), coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut flour etc.

Coconut water, Amrit in pregnancy

It is beneficial no matter how you consume it. It can be directly taken as drink, snack or as part of mukhvas (after meal) or you can use it in cooking.

Today, we will only be talking about benefit of Coconut WATER during pregnancy:

1. Combat constipation, morning sickness, acidity.
2. Reduces chances of urine infection.
3. Maintains overall water level in body.
4. Reduces chances of preterm delivery (birth before 36 weeks is preterm).
5. Helps to detoxify body.
6. Reduces chances of Hyper Tension (High blood pressure).
7. Improves blood circulation.
8. Gives glow on your skin.
9. Helps baby to grow well (lots of nutrition given to baby just by one glass of coconut water).
10. Maintains amniotic fluid level (badly needed in last trimester).

Coconut water, Amrit in pregnancy

Tips to consume coconut water:
1. It must be consumed during first half of the day or when you are active.
2. It must be freshly opened.
3. Consume maximum one glass per day.
4. If you have pre-eclampsia, avoid it or consume it with doctor’s permission.
5. Do not consume if fungus seen on top.
6. Avoid if you feel gaseous.

I will be publishing a blog on ‘How coconut can be used postpartum (after birth)’ soon. Keep reading and have a happy n healthy pregnancy with Rita’s Pregnancy 101.

Rita Singha

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