Contractions Were Coming Abruptly in 5 to 30 Min Bracket

I went into labor on 10th Feb morning at 4:15am, that’s when I got my first contraction it was quite intense and about 3-4 minutes long but then till 6am I felt nothing! Then the contractions were coming very abruptly in 5-30 minute brackets. Some were 2 minutes long some were merely 15 seconds. I was a bit confused about the labor because the contractions were abrupt!!

So I spoke to Dr. Mangla Dogra and she asked me to take a nice hot shower and later come to her nursing home. I packed my bags got ready and at about 10:10 am I was checked and was 4cm dilated.

I was all prepped and ready to face the labor! Dr. Mangla asked me to go home relax and reach the hospital in another 1-2 hours. But suddenly at 10:45 am when they were just finishing tracking the contractions, the baby’s heartbeat fell to Zero and then was not showing on the monitor. They tried for a while but they were unable to track the heartbeat.

So I was rushed to cloud 9 where I was taken into an emergency C section. And at around 11:30 am, my daughter, Inaaya, was born!

This has been one of the craziest and the most beautiful experiences of my life.. prepping myself for a normal and ending up having a Csection!

I never imagined myself being this strong ever before !!

Special thanks to Neeru aunty, I might not have had a normal delivery but the prenatal has definitely helped me strengthen my body during and post-pregnancy!

Certain exercises help me even today!

It’s just amazing what we as women can do!! And you realize it only once you’ve gone through the process! 🌸💜

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Neeru Verma

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