Does your malishwali hang your new born upside down?

New born’s neck muscles don’t develop till 3 to 4 months after birth. Masseur (malish wali masi) does massages which have proven to harm the babies over and over. Baby’s shoulders dislocation, hip dislocation, pressing too hard on nipples ended up with infection in the area are very common occurrences.  New borns under go surgeries everyday due to amateur malish wali… In fact, hanging baby upside down is even more dangerous… it leads to infant mortality, instant death.

On the other hand, if you (the mother) do the massage to the baby, baby will cry less, will enjoy and relax, will create amazing bonding and will have very little chances of hurting your own baby.  And baby gets enough blood circulation anyways…

Does your malishwali hang your new born upside down


It is not a difficult choice after all, is it? Don’t regret later, make the right choice today…

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