Dr. Told Us That She Can Wait Only Till 8 PM


Preparation for the D Day: I got to know about my pregnancy in July 2020, and since then I was researching about prenatal classes that can help me prepare for the big day. Once I got a green signal from my Dr. to do the exercises from second trimester, I joined the P101 classes. I did all the exercises, meditation, affirmations suggested by Riddhi ma’am. Since I was apprehensive about delivering the baby, Riddhi advised me to attend labour sessions with my husband. The classes helped me prepare mentally that normal delivery can be very easy and I have the power to endure the pain and welcome my lil one without any medical interventions.


The D Day Story (3rd March ’21):  At 2am I woke up and found that I am all wet, but there was no ongoing leakage. I immediately called my Dr. and she suggested me to walk for some time and rush to hospital in case the leakage starts. I spent an hour doing exercises taught by Riddhi ma’am, but leakage did not start, so I went to sleep. At 6:30 am I woke up and found that leakage has started, so I rushed to the hospital. The nurses and Dr did a few test and found that my BP was high (100/140), baby’s head was fixed but was still upward, I was bleeding, but not experiencing any pain and I was only 1 cm dilated. So at 9am the Dr. decided to induce pain since we were short of time. The circumstances were not in our favour, but I was pretty relaxed and started doing exercises, walking around and going through my affirmations. The Dr. Decided to give me pain medicines every 3 hours and told me that by 3PM they will make a decision on whether I should opt for c-section or not. At 1PM I was 3.5 cm, and looking at the progress the dr. decided to wait till late evening.

I immediately called Riddhi ma’am to understand what I can do to fasten the process. She motivated me a lot and sent me a few pictures and videos of exercises/positions that I can perform. At 3:30 PM the nurse bounded me to the bed so they could monitor the baby’s heartbeat. Since I knew that now I couldn’t do exercises, I started doing affirmations and took the lie down position suggested by Riddhi. By 6PM I was 6.5 cm dillated and Dr. told us that she can wait only till 8 PM. My husband gave me strength, we both were very positive, he did acupressure that we learnt during the labor session and I continued with the affirmations. At 7:20 PM I had a sharp urge to push and couldn’t control myself. My husband immediately called the Dr. and she estimated that I would just have arrived at stage 2 labor. But when she did internal checkup, she was amazed to observe that I was fully dilated. She immediately shifted me to the labor room and after 3-4 pushes I had my son in my arms. Thanks a lot Riddhi ma’am and P101, without you my journey wouldn’t have been so smooth 🙂

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Riddhi Palkhiwala

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