Every Pregnancy is different and unique says Meghna

I am a second time mommy. It is said quite truly that every pregnancy is different and unique. I was fortunate to come in touch with Neeru Ma’am before having my first baby and it’s with Rita’s Pregnancy 101. I not only had a comfortable pregnancy but also learnt about the importance of natural birth and breastfeeding.

During my second pregnancy, I joined the zoom classes with ma’am. Yoga and the workout was a great experience. Also, during all the counselling and informative classes ma’am made sure to include experiences and inputs for second time mums which I found very interesting.

I had a mild growth restriction with my second pregnancy so ma’am advised me to have a high protein intake she also gave me other care tips for lowering BP which really helped with achieving a good birth weight for my baby. I delivered on the last day of my 40th week and ma’am was a huge support during my last few weeks. She constantly inspired me to wait for natural labour to commence and guided me on the appropriate workout techniques for the final stages. I made calls to her almost every other day when I had false contractions from as early as my 38th week and every occasion she assured me I was doing fine and I had plenty of time. As a result, I had dilated 4 cm by the time I reached the hospital on the final day to get an NST done. Through this phase ma’am guided me with such confidence and positivity that my trust in her ways grew even stronger this time and I always called her before my gynac.

On the final day, I had contractions that formed a pattern and just as I got ready to go to the hospital the pains stopped. Doctors urged me to come for an immediate NST scan but thanks to ma’am’s guidance I waited for a few hours before going in. Once I reached the hospital they checked on me and found out that I was 4cm dilated. I was taken to the labour room and induced because the doctors did not want to take the risk of further dilation happening at home. Being the second, they expected a speedy progress and wanted me to stay under supervision. After being induced for 2 hours I went into active labour and delivered within the next 2 hours. Such a smooth delivery was only possible because ma’am kept telling me not to rush into things and wait for nature to take its own course. All the nurses came into the labour room and complimented me on my normal delivery without epidural and praised me for being so calm and composed throughout the pains. This could not have been possible without the many sumo squat repetitions and the understanding of Lamaze techniques.

I would therefore urge not only first time mums but also second time ones to connect with Rita’s Pregnancy 101 and enjoy these priceless experiences of life to the fullest.

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Neeru Verma

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