A Gift of Health for Pregnant Women – Gift Ideas for Expecting Lady

When you hear one of your loved one announce that they are pregnant, don’t you wish that you could show how happy you were by gifting them something meaningful, something that is actually good for them & they would remember of the rest of their lives?

Giving just a bunch of flowers, chocolates or clothes may not seem like anything special. Now you can give them a gift of health & well being through out their pregnancy and for the rest of their lives.

A Gift of Health for Pregnant Women - Gift Ideas for Expecting Lady

Gift Card for prenatal or postnatal classes at Rita’s Pregnancy 101 in Ahmedabad, Surat or Chandigarh.

Rita’s Pregnancy 101 has an exclusive program for pregnant women and new mothers. The program includes: Garbh Sanskar, exercises, pain management, diet counselling, meditation, breast feeding techniques and hypno therapy for healthier & safer pregnancy.

You can buy gift card for any value starting from Rs. 500 onwards and the gift cards can be redeemed to enroll in prenatal/postnatal classes or buy any unique merchandise that we have at our centres.

Rita’s Pregnancy 101 centres are located at:

Ahmedabad: Bodakdev & Naranpura.

Surat: Ghod Dhod Road & Pal.

Chandigarh: Sector 33.


For more information on Gift Card for Pregnant Woman visit www.pregnancy101.in




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