Giving birth is truly one of the most powerful and beautiful miracles in the world


Giving birth is truly one of the most beautiful and powerful miracles in the world. Hello, I’m Manmeet Khurana and I am a mommy of two little girls. My first daughter was 2.5 years old when my second daughter came into this world. And being a mommy of two made me realize that giving birth is hard but beautiful and the pain is not pain but power and strength.😃

On 2nd February 2021, 12:15 am, I started having pains. We left for the hospital at 1:45 am. It was pretty early but we were sure that we wanted a cesarean (as my first child was also born through c-section) so we didn’t waste any time. We reached the hospital at2 amm, and by 2:30 am the whole team was escorted. The operation took place and at 3:19 am, I heard the first cry of my little daughter🥰. My parents and in-law outside the OT forgot all the exhaustion and sleepless night when they heard her cry. We were all really very happy. I saw her and she was pink and crying on the top of her voice. She weighed 3.5kgs during her birth.

Not to forget, this was my second time with P101, and my journey both times has been commendable. The exercises which are taught are sooo helpful!! Tushita ma’am has been through with me both times. Her knowledge, patience, and warmth are admirable. P101 is the best experience a soon-to-be mom can experience. I thank Tushita and Rita ma’ams for all the care she has provided me with. ❤️😇

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Tushita Rathod

Tushita is a passionate and enthusiastic child birth eductaor, who has received comprehensive training directly from Rita Singha at Pregnancy 101, Ahmedabad. She wants to make the right information available to the pregnant women, allowing them to make informed decisions. Working closely with the moms & dads to be, Tushita can make pregnancy & childbirth a truly healthy & joyful

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