Guneet’s Birth Story: Normal birth became a reality thanks to P101

My due date was 28 July (by ultra sound 24 July) so my weekly follow ups were going on in 9th month and doctor thought to deliver the baby in 38+ weeks, so my doc called me on 10th July  and wanted to do my PV But I had word with Neeru ma’am (Rita’s Pregnancy 101 child birth educator) and she advised to me to delay it for few days and I did the same. I just got my normal check-up done and even doctor didn’t forced me to get admitted.

Then again on 18 July I got my PV and scan done. Baby’s head was down at station -3 (not fixed). So doctor said to me to do lot of Squats. On 19 and 20 I felt discharge after doing lot of exercise as guided by Neeru ma’am and to have dates and castor oil.

Then came the D-day 21 July Early morning at 4.30 I felt some pain and some more leakage so started keeping a check and yes that were the contractions which were coming after 7-8 min for 20-25 seconds but I wanted to be sure, so I waited till 6 and then told my husband and doctor that pains were sweet and light around 7.30-8 I reached hospital and they admitted me though pains were mild but I had a leakage at 11 am doctor did my PV and said that cervix dilation was not more than 2 cm.

By the time Neeru ma’am also visited me and guided my husband about the massage points because all my pains were coming in the back only and that was the time I really felt that why husband’s support is so important. Pains were getting stronger and all in my lower back. Now it was 1 o’clock and my pains were strong, coming after every 5 min and for 40 seconds but my cervix was still 2 cm dilated only because of stress and so much back pain so at 3.15 I took epidural and slept for half an hour.

By 6.30- 7 cervix was 9 cm dilated and further I wasn’t given epidural. Around 7.15 all the doctors were inside and I started pushing for baby to come out, it took me good one hour because there was a loop of cord around baby’s neck and at 8.15 my Lil princess arrived.

My journey of pregnancy and a normal delivery would not have been possible without Neeru ma’am’s support and guidance though I was in adverse pain but I didn’t utter the word C-section throughout the day because it was not in mind from last 9 months. Girls be strong and go ahead. Thank you very much Neeru ma’am and entire P101 team. You guys are doing awesome job.

Neeru Verma

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