HARSHITA’s Birth Story: My Husband, My Angel

“It is often said that being a mother is rebirth of women”. After experiencing this I completely agree to it. My sedentary lifestyle was replaced by regular fitness regime & despite of algophobia my labor pain is a testimony to above statement.

I and my husband went to hospital at 3am on 4 April’16 (Sunday night) and I was induced labor pains. But my induction was slow because of which the medication was increased. I joined Rita’s Pregnancy101, pregnancy classes in chandigarh. The saviour for me in the extreme pains was the breathing techniques I learned by joining my mentor Mrs. Neeru & my husband support during the entire process.

HARSHITA’s Birth Story

As I was continuously reminded by my husband to focus on breathing. But the destiny has its own faith so even after bearing the long pain my baby’s heartbeat started going down and I had to go for emergency C-Section. And finally my baby was born at 2pm on 5th Apr’16 (Tuesday afternoon). So I have experienced both normal and C-section in one go.

I was able to tolerate the pains of entire birthing process because of 3 reasons:-
(1) Because of exercise I was doing during pregnancy.
(2) My husband’s presence because he motivated me a lot.
(3) And the most important is to hold our beautiful princess in our hands.

Neeru Verma

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