“Healthy Dish” competition at Rita’s Pregnancy 101, Ahmedabad

Pregnant women & new mothers had a chance to show off their culinary skills at the Healthy Dish competition organized by Rita’s Pregnancy 101 at their Ahmedabad studios.

Of course fun side of this competition was that everyone got to sample a huge spread of sumptuous, yet healthy food varieties. Whats more… all food was home made!!

This “healthy” program was organized to support a few noble causes: eat healthy (it can also be yummy), value a girl child and have fun!
22 women participated with their own versions of Indian and global foods. The varieties included: Gujarati, Rajasthani, South Indian, salads, tabouleh, pastas, chocolate fudge and cakes. The judge Bharati Singha took into account criteria such as taste, health quotient, presentation and why they thought they are winners. The winning entry was a full Rajasthani meal by Ashita Mehta.

Pass the parcels game was played where the pregnant women & new moms had a frolicking time. The theme of the game was to celebrate the girl child. The women enthusiastically pitched in with their thoughts on why having a girl child is as good having a boy. Also the women got to talk about how they have enhanced the lives of people they touched as a girl or a woman.

All in all the day was filled with fun, which left everyone looking forward to the next event at Pregnancy 101.

Rita Singha

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