High Glucose Levels, Borderline BP Yet in Came My Healthy Little Bub

I was in my 39th week and eagerly waiting for my little bub to arrive. As my fasting glucose levels were high and bp was borderline, I was asked to plan to get induced. I delayed it for a week and decided to get it on 18th December 2020 as this baby is a rainbow baby and I was not up for taking any risk but was sure want a natural birth.

So 18th December I was in hospital around 6:30 pm in a very chill and strong mindset, thanks to my guide throughout – Neeru Aunty!

Followed all instructions given by her, as it was a journey of months with her and her instructions were running into blood 😎🤪

I was induced at 10:30 pm, & my gynaecologist Dr Seema at Cloudnine who kept checking on me till 1 am through personal calls was a rock support.

I started feeling contractions around midnight and they were mild.. enjoying the time with the best of music and birthing ball, walking in the labour room and asking for all the luck from god!

Around 2 am the doctor checked me & I was only 1cm dilated

Series of internal checkup till 10 am and I wasn’t dilating. That was the moment I was asked to go for the c section in spite of 1/2 minute apart contractions. I was upset & broken but thanks to my husband and Neeru ma’am for keeping me strong and we asked for three more hours.

At 1:30 pm I was again checked and there was no improvement and complications started pitching in… the moment I thought to surrender to nature and its way to bring my baby in. At 2:00 I was taken in OT and my little bub arrived!

We cannot change the way God decided it to be – Normal or C – Section, but we can decide to be strong positive & determined.

I am a proudly exclusive breastfeeding mother all due to the information sessions we got all that while

P.S. I was active enough to work for my office and home till my 39th week and all my worries used to vanish in Tuesday Meditation Session


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Neeru Verma

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