How Drinking Alcohol Can Be Harmful During Pregnancy

Alcohol can be extremely dangerous to the health of an expecting mom and her unborn child. The 2012 research by Danish scientists found that around 50% of the women who took alcohol regularly suffered a miscarriage during their pregnancy days.

Excessive consumption of alcohol or liquor also leads to biological problems inside expecting moms known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). It could badly affect the development of the unborn child and may lead to brain damage, defective heart and abnormal facial features too.

By appropriate participation at the pregnancy classes, pregnant women can learn the risks of alcohol consumption habits, and ensure the appropriate strategy to shun the same.

Facial Fracture: Though, reported rare, but a regular consumption of alcohol during pregnancy days could be extremely disastrous for the unborn child. He may develop small head, narrow eye openings, and other complications as he grows up. It may eventually endanger his longevity too.

Shorter in Heights: The harmful compounds of the Alcohol restrict the bone movement and height of a child. Excessive alcohol consumption by an expecting mom could lead to a shorter height of her child in the future. If already addicted, such women should immediately join prenatal classes, and remove the harmful effects of alcohol to some extent by regular practice of yoga.

Learning and Behavioral Changes: Another big danger of alcohol consumption is the excessive mood swing of the child and frequent behavioral changes as he grows up. The children of alcohol-addicted moms tend to be excessively loud, undisciplined and rude.

The danger of Miscarriage: Intake of alcohol always increases the danger of miscarriage for the expecting moms. An irreparable loss can’t be reversed again.

Risk of Losing Balance and Fall: Everyone knows that after a certain limit, alcohol starts making people feel imbalanced. It is highly harmful to an expecting mom to take alcohol. If she falls due to imbalance, then it will not only harm the child but also can be life threatening for her as well.

In Closing
Rita’s Pregnancy 101 classes never suggest taking even a single serve of alcohol. Every expecting mom should participate at such classes regularly. The frequent interactions with other women will open the mental horizons of these women by letting them know many new things, and precautions to ensure safer delivery of the child at the end of a final trimester.

Rita Singha

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