I Asked My Baby to Please Come Out Fast

On 26/8/21 at 5:30 am, I started having very mild pains and it lasted till 11:00 am. During this time, I was not sure if these were real or false contractions. So, I continued my normal routine of exercises and squats along with kegels and breathing.

In evening at 5:30 pm, again pain started and this time it had increased. I stayed calm and focused on my breathing while following daily routine. Around 11 pm, I started experiencing regular contractions. I tried to spend maximum time at home and streched it till 3 am. Finally, I asked my husband to take me to the hospital. I was admitted in emergency at 3:30 am and was only 2 cm dialted. My pains were increasing and intervals were decreasing. I was hoping for a good dilation when doc checked me at 5 am again. But I had progressed only to 3 cm. At first, I was a little disappointed and lost hope that will I able to do it. But then, with my husband’s support and all the knowledge I had gained in my classes and info sessions helped me to be strong and believe that it is all worth it.

I asked for Epidural, but as the baby’s heartbeat was not that good, Doc suggested me not to take it.

Also, in my last ultrasound, there was a loop of cord around baby’s neck, so my doc had informed me that they might have to go for C-sec in case dilation doesn’t progress.

At 6:30 am, I could not take it and discussed with my Doc to go for C-sec as we might have to do it anyway because of the cord. Also, I talked to my baby that please come out fast and that your Mumma cannot take it anymore. We then decided to check for dilation for the last time and then take a decision.

I was 6-7 cm dilated at 7:00 am. This was pure magic and result of the affirmations, visualization of normal delivery and connection with the baby which we learnt in the classes.

The doctor’s team immediately started making preparations for a normal delivery and shifted me to labour room. Meanwhile, I was fully dilated and contractions were at it’s peak. I pushed 3 times but baby’s head was still not down (probably because of the loop in the neck). My doc asked me to do full squats and now it was a test of my prenatal classes and I had to pass it. We then tried again and after 3 pushes, I could hear the cutest little cry of my baby at 7:55 am. On delivery, we found out there were 2 loops around the neck. My doc was surprised as well as proud of me that we could do a normal delivery. And that the delivery would have been very smooth and quick otherwise.

The first thing my baby did was hold my finger. That was the best feeling and made me forget each and every pain I was going through.

I want to thank you Rita Mam for being a constant support and bringing positivity throughout my pregnancy 🤗🙏

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Rita Singha

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