I succeeded and stopped top up milk completely

I had delivered my child via normal birth with episiotomy. The next day my Mother in law requested a nurse there to help me latch, she came and pressed my breast and informed us that milk supply has yet not started.

I did try to make baby latch but due to stitches was not able to sit for long. I waited for two days but could not produce milk, so I thought of consulting my Doctor.

I took herbal medicine as prescribed and could feel the heaviness post few hours (which I should have on very first day). Now came another hurdle, by that time I started to get my milk baby was used to spoon feed and resisted latching and cried.

Now, my Stress level was high and I felt low. Instead of supporting me with breastfeeding my family members started advising to give top milk. I tried everything possible but no luck so far. I felt more helpless coz my baby use to cry and I felt responsible for not feeding her properly.

Finally post three days of efforts, listening to all not so helpful advices, “Eating more” worked wonders. I did not know if enough milk was produced or not, as that was not visible. I succeeded and stopped top up milk completely.

All set and done, my BF journey ended when my daughter was 1yr and 20 months. It was difficult for me to stop feeding completely (wean her off) but after many failed attempts, I used neem oil and chose a harsh method to wean off, as my daughter use to take feed thrice at night and I had health issues because of lack of sleep. Otherwise my plan was to continue further for 2 years.

She demanded ” Mummaa Duddhuu ” for two days with that hope that any mother would melt in or give up.

Special thanks to team P101 for guiding me and providing all necessary information that helped me to choose right for my baby. I was persistent in giving my milk no matter what was all because of the knowledge I gained during my pregnancy at Rita’s Pregnancy 101.

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Dhwani Gandhi

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  1. Margi
    August 6, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    Lovely and so inspiring story.. thank you for sharing with us

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