I was bleeding in my breast instead of milking

Hello mommies, Happy Breastfeeding to all lovely new mother!!!

I am Hemal Shah from Baroda, a mother of 2 months old daughter ’Dhruti’. As We are celebrating breastfeeding week on the first week of August, I would like to share my breastfeeding experience with you all. My breastfeeding experience for the first 2 days was too challenging as I was bleeding in my breast instead of milking. I had this problem from day 1, but I didn’t lose courage and took this problem as a challenge.

On day 1, the Doctor and supportive nursing staff have expressed my breast and taken off all blood from my one breast and milk started. Now I fed my baby from one breast only on that day. My second breast was not milking yet. I was scared that this doesn’t infect my baby in one or the other way. Surprisingly on day 2, my second breast also started milk automatically without any efforts.

The first day was very crucial for me as I didn’t start bf immediately after birth. Now my baby is almost 2 months now, till now I am giving breastmilk only, no formula, not any other milk and not even water. My Daughter’s birth weight was 2.75 kg. Within 2 months she already is 4.2 kg weight. In 2 months she has put on almost double. I just gave formula milk to my baby at day 1 only, but after that, my baby is on breast milk only. In a nutshell, I just want to tell you all new mothers, If any worst or unwanted event or thing happens with you related to breastfeed, don’t lose your courage and try to give only breastmilk.

Here I would like to share my experience with Rita’s Pregnancy 101, Baroda. It was an awesome and beautiful experience during my pregnancy. As I joined the class on 5th month of the pregnancy and I regularly went there till the 8th month of pregnancy. I could not continue till 9th month as I had been moved to my mother’s home. In my labor, Practice of exercise and breathing techniques helped a lot. My mentor Mitushi mam helped a lot in those months and I delivered normal. Proud to be a first client of P101 Baroda.

Thank you Mitushi mam to make my pregnancy journey so easy and beautiful…Wish you good luck always!!!! Love you!!!

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Mitushi Makwana

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