I Was Equipped With Knowledge

When you are so overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion, it becomes difficult to write. This is the reason why such a late post of a birth story that took place exactly a year ago in May. This is my story with Rita’s Pregnancy 101.

We just turned one. Yes. While my baby turned one on May 30th, for me too, this journey has been a learning curve (of course, so much more to know and learn). However, the best decision of my pregnancy journey has been: finding Nikita through Rita’s Pregnancy 101. You know it took me a long time to truly understand what I learnt at that Chandkheda branch. Was it just being able to do 100 full and half squats? Was it those meditation sessions or was it those breathing exercises? It was not just this. It was so much more. When I first read the Google reviews of the place, I couldn’t believe it. On the 5th month of my pregnancy, what is medically referred to as “precious pregnancy”, I decided that I want to shift to a healthier way to welcome my baby. I am so glad I did that!

The first few sessions were easy with Nikita as the instructor. Then, came February 2020/March 2020 when we started facing the heat of Covid wave which finally led to a lockdown. The classes had to be stopped but the team decided to immediately shift to virtual classes. I was apprehensive of how it would turn out to be. I was proven wrong! And, happily so. When on one hand, it was just Shivam (my spouse) and I in the house, I was connected with a rock solid support: Nikita. I remember telling our families that she is around so they don’t need to worry. It wasn’t long before my family started seeing her as a family member. Her decisions mattered. A report would come and the first thing to be done is speak with Nikita.

I know it was not in her purview to guide me on whether I should stay in Ahmedabad at my home or go to Baroda at my in-laws when Covid cases were at their peak or to tell me whether or not I should opt for a planned C-section over a natural birth. But she did. The answer lies in her dedication to the cause she is working for. She always says: I am here for my preggie moms. She really is. And, she is a mother of two little girls herself. The responsibilities are immense. I understand more so now when I have a little one hanging around me all the time.

My baby’s birth story is far from being ideal. I missed the ‘golden hour’ right after her birth. I had to opt for a C-section despite the fact that all the conditions were in my favour. I had a difficult time in starting my breastfeeding journey. But, then why am I so thankful to Nikita and her team? The answer is actually very simple and lies in the fact that I know that I made those decisions. I was equipped with questions and even had solutions. These were well thought of decisions and not something that was forced upon me. I remember when the nurse offered my baby formula at the hospital on the day she was born, I said, “NO! She will only have breastmilk. I have to ensure that she gets the colostrum.” She went to the doctor who also was surprised by my response. In fact, my sister in law asked something that made me realize how empowered I was. She asked, “Can you refuse formula milk like that?” That is the exact moment when I truly understood what I gained: the power to make my own decisions. And, I have never been so sure. I was equipped with knowledge, the science behind it, seen examples, attended expert lectures and interacted in workshops. So much so that, not just I, Shivam also knew exactly what to expect. He knew how to count the contractions, understand skin to skin contact and ensure that the baby latches properly.

Nikita, is my biggest gift from P101. We recently met after almost a year. I had to show her my baby. By the way, she still pushes me to be a better mom. If you are someone who is pregnant, kindly take my word: join Rita’s Pregnancy 101. What you get here will make you an empowered decision making parent. It gives you a headstart for the rollercoaster ride: parenting.

Thank you!! 🙂

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Nikita Panchal

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