I Was Super Active Through Out My Pregnancy


I delivered the baby boy on 20th November 2021 via normal delivery. The day I found out I conceived my family was very sure that we will be consulting Dr. Seema only. My journey was quite smooth throughout 9 months.

In the last weeks( 36 +) of my pregnancy, I went for regular follow up where I found out I was having gestational Hypertension and Dr. Seema asked me to get an ultrasound done where we found out that the baby is in perfect position and the weight is perfect so we can go for induction and she asked me to get admitted on 19th November night. I got admitted on the 19th itself and they induced artificial pains and asked me to relax and sleep and I followed the instructions. In the morning at around 10 am Seema ma’am came n did an internal checkup where we found out I was 2.5 cm dilated and broke my water bag just to check there is no meconium and after my water bag broke the contractions increased and we started monitoring contractions and I started doing ball exercise and breathing exercises taught by Neeru Ma’am. Everyone in the labour room was so supportive sister Jyoti and sister Paramjeet they helped me a lot so that I can go for Normal delivery.

The contractions kept on increasing and I was doing my exercises and again Dr. Rupali did an internal check-up around 1: 30 pm and told me that the dilation was still around 2.5 cm to 3 cm to hear that I was shattered as the pains were almost unbearable. So I decided to for Epidural and Dr. Ashutosh not only gave epidural but helped me relieve my anxiety.

The pains decreased substantially and I rested for a while and within one hour I was 8 cm dilated and the baby was Descending down. Then sister Paramjeet helped me with Deep squats and I was fully dilated and then Seema ma’am was there accompanied by other doctors and just by seeing her I was so relaxed and then the labour room scenario changed all that I could hear was push and push.. and soon my Baby Boy was in my hands.

I would like to thank Neeru Verma ma’am as it was under her guidance I was super active throughout my pregnancy. The classes not only kept me physically active but mentally prepared me for the process. The P101 Labor class was very informative which helped me and my husband to understand the whole process and further helped in Normal delivery. Thank you so much ma’am for ur guidance.

I was so blessed to have Dr. Seema by my side for being so calm and composed and for answering all my queries.
My overall experience with cloud nine was awesome.

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Neeru Verma

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