I was taking pains on the bouncy ball, walking in the room and deep squats

I completed my 39th week on the 27th of January and was waiting for my body to give me some signs. 28th of January when I went for a checkup my doctor told me I was 2.5cm dilated and I should get admitted on the 31st in the evening. I didn’t feel any pains whatsoever.

I was going on with life as usual on the 30th and at 1:35 am my water broke. My husband was calmer than me (thanks to the Lamaze session by Neeru Ma’am). I was happy that finally, I was going to meet my little joy. After all the formalities I got admitted at 3:10 am and I was only 2.5 cm dilated. I felt no pain/contractions. I was given a medicine to start to induce pains. They took me straight to the Labour room where I was asked to have my last solid meal. The contractions started and by 9 am I was 6-7cm dilated.

I was able to control the pains on the bouncy ball, walking in the room, and using deep squats. Every time they had to do an NST for the baby, I had to be on the bed. Everyone would agree my contractions pained more on the bed! My husband helped me by rubbing my lower back during the pain wave, as taught by Neeru Mam.

By 11 am -11.30 am I was fully dilated, and the pain level was at a Maximum and I got the pushing urge. The baby was not making much progress.  By now my doctor, another senior doctor, 3-5 junior doctors, and support staff were in the room with me. The team was trying to figure out the cause for the baby not descending. But we kept trying. At 12:05 pm my doctor was so sure that the baby is coming out that she called my husband inside. My husband could even see the baby’s hair down there. But our baby and God had a different plan.

After 3 hours of pushing when my doctor felt that it’s enough she decided to change the course of action. I was exhausted. Every contraction I pushed he came down and as soon as it got over, got pulled back up. The baby was getting stressed inside.

Finally at 1:30 pm after trying everything, we headed to the OT for a C-sec and at 1:54 pm I heard my son’s first cry. I didn’t shed a tear from 3 am (the night before) till 1.54 Pm when he was born. The whole room marveled at my strength. After 11.5 hours – 12 hours of Labour I finally had to get a Cesarean.

I Had prepared my body for normal delivery. Did walks, Yoga, meditation with Neeru Mam which gave me the willpower & strength in abundance to face what was in store for me.

My son and I are in pink of health. I am recovering fast. Credit again goes to Mam for strengthening us from inside.

All well that ends well. Sharing my son’s picture with you lovely ladies.

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Neeru Verma

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