It Was Creating Pressure for The Baby Which Causing to Fluctuate in The Baby Heartbeat

Kotni Kiranmayee

It was on Nov 7th, 2021 I had a quite deep sleep and was feeling relaxed when my husband enquired me about if I am able to feel any baby movements and at that point of time I realized that I was not feeling any noticeable baby movements I felt bit panicked and had a spoon. of sugar and checked again for the baby movements but no luck so we decided to go to the hospital for a check-up since my doctor mentioned me to inform if I don’t feel any baby movements. So we got ready and decided to go to the hospital. Generally in the car, my baby does move a lot so what we decided that if in between the baby moves then we will not go for a check-up and do some errands and come back home. And while we were on the way I did feel the baby movements as well but still, we decided to go to the hospital and go for a check-up since I was already 39 weeks 4 days by then. so we reached the hospital and checked in and mentioned that the baby movements were less since morning. So they checked me in and started monitoring the baby’s heartbeat. It was very normal initially and but as time passed we could see the baby’s heartbeat fluctuated a lot so they decided to check my Amniotic fluid via ultrasound on the Checking they found out that my Amniotic fluid was very less around 1.5 which triggered all the doctors to admit for the inducing and bring the baby out since it was creating pressure for the baby which was causing to fluctuate in the baby heartbeat.

And then I was transferred to the labor room and started the inducing process since I was only 1cm dilated and 50percent effaced. they started the inducing process with the help of Pitocin at a very low level but my baby didn’t respond well to the Pitocin levels and the heart rate fluctuated suddenly and then the bunch of doctors came into my room and stopped giving me the medication and then they gave some time for me and baby to be normal. without the Pitocin but in the meanwhile, my natural contractions began to start, and then doctors decided to wait for my own dilation and more stronger contractions but no luck. I was not able to dilate soon with my own contractions so they again decided to start giving Pitocin but what to do my baby didn’t liked it again and her heartbeat fluctuated a lot then the doctors decided if it was repeated again we will go for a C section but god has all together diff plan my baby cooperated well with the Pitocin and I was only 2.5cm dilated then so the doctors decided to insert a small ball into my vagina which will help me to dilate up to 4 cm that was a game-changer it worked really well in my case and then they ruptured my membranes and broke the water and then inserted some more fluids to keep the baby out of pressure for good heartbeat levels but I must say the pain was unbearable so I decided to take epidural by then but throughout the whole process I was doing all sorts of breathing exercises taught by Neeru mam in the Lamaze class to ease out the pain and then I had my own contractions which lead to dilate up to 10 cm.

And then actual push began at 6pm on Nov8th 2021 and due to a whole lot of squats and pelvic floor exercises and mediation and Neeru mams, kind words and classes helped me to push the baby in 30 mins and then the wait ended I had my beautiful baby girl on me what a blissful moment it was really loved every moment of it and worth all of the wait and pain. I am really thankful to Neeru mam for being part of this wonderful journey called pregnancy… loads of love to you mam. I proudly say because of all those exercises and positivity I could recover soon as well and be able to handle the baby by my own due to COVID situations, we could not able get any help from India so managing everything on own

Last but not least I would say to all fellow mommies out there no matter what the situation is please visualize your own journey and try to be in it it’s completely worth and it worked out in my case.

P.S we named our baby girl “Vedika”

Loads of love and wishes

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Neeru Verma

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