Joining Rita’s Pregnancy 101 Classes Was The Best Decision I Made For My Pregnancy

Nidhi Gupta

My experience with P101 has been an absolute delight, even to the extent where I would say it was the best decision I made for my pregnancy. I am so glad that I got Riddhi’s lovely company, she is knowledgeable, empathetic and always available. I always had her guidance whenever needed, common pregnancy problems were always resolved effectively and quickly, that made my pregnancy enjoyable and an easy breeze.

Even in hard times of Covid infection I got her support and valuable advice. My baby and I came out unscathed of that hard time because of the healthy mind and body that was built during our regular exercise and meditation sessions. Information sessions prepared me for the childbirth and motherhood, all the doubts and fears vanished with each session, Riddhi is very interactive and gave her best to answer my curiosities (which were quite a lot).

I would definitely recommend P101 to my family, friends or anyone wanting to make their pregnancy a lifetime experience for all the good reasons. I will always be grateful to Riddhi for everything she has done for me and my child.

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Riddhi Palkhiwala

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