My Birth Story is like a Dream Come True

Ria birth story

The moment I felt and had been anticipating the world in my womb I was the happiest person to have a little angel in my life. When I first had my scan I took a deep breath and just realised my life is getting more and more exhilarating. To all dear mommies to be, I know the fear of giving birth is so obvious we all feel anxious sometimes nervous and have mood swings which even I had but throughout my journey I was very confident and accomplished my routine activities. In this journey my husband was there for me. Due to the pandemic we could not step outside our house but we made sure that we should have the best time of our lives. In this amazing journey of my life I met ⁨Tushita⁩ ma’am, she guided me so well. I followed each and every step that she guided. What I imagined in my Meditation session manifested in reality, no one can believe it, but meditation has power. The picture I made of my baby in my mind during my meditation session is exactly the same! I used to do all mudras during the day when I felt uneasy. I used to draw and sing loudly. Even though I underwent C-Section my baby weighs enough. He is really healthy and all thanks to ⁨Tushita⁩ ma’am.

So to all mommies to be.. Be happy, eat healthy and be active if possible.

Thanks a million ⁨Tushita⁩ and Rita ma’am, with your support I was able to enjoy my pregnancy.

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Tushita Rathod

Tushita is a passionate and enthusiastic child birth eductaor, who has received comprehensive training directly from Rita Singha at Pregnancy 101, Ahmedabad. She wants to make the right information available to the pregnant women, allowing them to make informed decisions. Working closely with the moms & dads to be, Tushita can make pregnancy & childbirth a truly healthy & joyful

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