My husband burped her. That was like a victory for us!!!

I am so excited while sharing my Breastfeeding Journey with you girls  !!

I, Nikita Panchal, a mother of two beautiful daughters would like to share my Breastfeeding experience with you on a special occasion of “International Breastfeeding Day” !!

Breastfeeding is the ultimate blessings from God for mom and baby. It’s an amazing feeling when you are nurturing a baby and she is completely dependent on you for her growth and development. Each day I thank God for the same.

So here is my journey :

My elder was on EBF till a month only and after that, I got Mastitis on my Right Breast. I can’t express my pain in words and the doctor forced me to stop BF completely. Being a Mom, you can understand how painful it is when you can’t BF your baby which u used to do. But then I recovered and the baby was on Exclusive Formula Feed. I have never used a bottle for her. She used to drink it from steel glass from day one. Yes, you read it right !!

When I conceived my second baby, from that only I started visualizing the “Breastfeeding process “. I made positive placards for pregnancy and stick them on my wardrobe. Every day I used to read them. During my hypnobirthing sessions with Rita also, I used to visualize this process only..

Finally, the final day came to meet my baby. We discussed everything with our gynec with a backup plan. Though we requested for “skin to skin ” touch and immediately BF, but somehow that didn’t happen. But as I said plan B was ready with us, the moment I was shifted to my room my husband put the baby on my breast. And I still mesmerize that moment, how she started latching and sucking my nipples. After a few minutes, my husband burped her also. So that was like a victory for us!!! Immense relaxed we were !!!

Nursing staff used to visit us to feed baby, but we have hardly given her formula there. Then my husband used to take formula milk from them, and close the door. And with his support, I used to BF my baby. After shifting to home, baby was on Exclusive Breastfeeding !!!

Initial days, I used to face issues like sore nipples and cracks. Consultation with LC Dia Jadwani helped me a lot and she gave me a lot of inspiration and motivation. Paed of Adira, Dr. Jayshree Pabani has also played a vital role.  After a month everything is going smooth till date and we both are enjoying the BF journey…

One clear thought in mind ” I will breastfeed my baby as much as I can ” help me a lot… I believe a lot in “Law of attraction”.

So let’s breastfeed our baby as much as we can … Also, let’s inspire new moms towards this beautiful journey.

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Nikita Panchal

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