Nidhi’s Birth Story : A Happy Natural Birth

It was 14th Jan 2017 afternoon. I started having severe back pain which was quite similar to the one that we have during our periods. I applied balm and decided to take a good nap. After I got up I still had the pain. I was in double mind whether to go for a walk or not with my husband. He motivated me and we had a good walk and had sandwiches n Vadapav, yum.(Best dating I had with my hubby)

Soon after I reached home I observed spotting and informed my mom and Tushita di both asked me to stay calm. Tushita di asked me to notice the time interval at which I was getting pain. I was getting regular contractions at 7-10 mins It was around 7.45pm. I had my dinner and was trying to divert my mind talking to my family.

Around 00.15am i could feel that my contractions started from my back and then shifted to my front lower abdomen (below my navel). It was more severe than the ones I had before informed my mom and decided to talk to the doctor. Doctor informed to go to the clinic and get a regular check up done since she was out of station celebrating Uttarayan in A’bad.

We went to the clinic where they informed I was 4cm dilated and would deliver my baby by morning the hospital staff started with the arrangements.I went to the Nurse gave me an injection then they gave me anaemia.I again went to loo then they started with glucose bottle. I was having pains at regular intervals and I started with breathing exercise that we learnt in my antenatal classes. My husband and mom stood by me nurses kept checking the baby’s heartbeats now and then slowly pains started getting stronger. I started with deeper breathing (I couldn’t think of doing anything else). I started praying to God to give me strength and kept telling myself that this pain is gonna be worth it as i would soon hold my baby in my arms.

Nidhi’s Birth story

More severe pains more breathing more prayers. I was exhausted and felt sleepy but I was unable to sleep.I was waiting for that urge to push finally my mom gave me tea and castor oil within 15-20 mins I had that urge to push. I knew I was getting closer to my baby Doctor informed when u get pain take deep breath, hold it and push. I was telling my baby in womb that momma wants to hold u in her arms so pls push your head harder and I am happy to take this pain to see your smile, to hear your first cry.I told all positive things to the baby and gave her love.

Soon in 4-5 pushes she was out, crying aloud.she was given to me on my chest within 10 mins and that was the best hug I had ever received. I pray that she exhibits all the positivity and strength that I carried during 9 months of my pregnancy throughout her life.. I am even more proud to be a woman after delivering her. I feel I am an achiever Women’s bodies are a miracle in themselves we know how to give birth. So, believe in yourself and go for it my lovely momma to be!!! All the best!!!

Pregnancy classes really helped me a lot in successful delivery in a natural way and I recommend Rita’s pregnancy classes to every pregnant women.



Tushita Rathod

Tushita is a passionate and enthusiastic child birth eductaor, who has received comprehensive training directly from Rita Singha at Pregnancy 101, Ahmedabad. She wants to make the right information available to the pregnant women, allowing them to make informed decisions. Working closely with the moms & dads to be, Tushita can make pregnancy & childbirth a truly healthy & joyful

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