Nidhi’s Birth Story: How I Gave A Normal Birth

Joining Rita’s pregnancy classes was one of the wisest steps that me and my husband had taken for our baby’s successful and safe arrival into this world. After meeting Ms. Neeru we felt confident that we were making a right decision. Once the classes started, each day bought a new confidence in me, I got relevant and helpful information about pregnancy and childbirth. I often asked various queries throughout my pregnancy and got proper respond to that, I was able to overcome my worries, fears, questions and insecurities.

Specially my concern about successful and natural delivery of a healthy baby as I was already 30 plus at that time and I heard that late age deliveries used to be complicated. But under the guidance of Neeru maam I overcome all this, she made me believe in my body and ignite the confidence in me that I can do it.

Rita’s pregnancy classes Then the big day finally arrived, on December 15th around 10 at night .I started having contractions. Initially contractions were mild and slow that started increasing by passing of time. But I was calm and positive from inside as I already learned about all this during my classes. Next morning around 6 AM, I finally decided that I should go to hospital. In the hospital I had nothing in my mind, I was breathing deeply to remain calm as taught in classes. Now the pushing process started and after four pushes my baby came out at 7.24 AM December 16, 2015.

Rita’s pregnancy classes really helped me a lot in successful delivery of our handsome son in a natural way and I recommend Rita’s pregnancy classes to every pregnant women.

Neeru Verma

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