Nothing Makes me More Happier Than Being a Mother

Nothing makes me more happier than being a mother and I am blessed to experience motherhood for the 2nd time.
I had started my prenatal fitness with Jinal Marjadi & Dr.Ankita Marjadi from 7th month of my pregnancy.

It was during 36th week of my pregnancy, on 18th of March that I realised that my water bag had started to leak. We rushed to the hospital at that very same moment. The doctors said that the delivery would take time since the cervix was not fully dilated. After a long wait I was induced with artificial pains and once the cervix was fully dilated at around 9cms I gave birth to a healthy baby boy through vaginal delivery.

I would like to thank Dr Ankita and Jinal for all the support and help provided.

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Dr Ankita Marjadi

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