Pregnancy v/s Watching TV

Pregnancy days can be tedious and mood swings due to change in hormones. Watching movies can add a little spice to daily lives of expecting moms. Pregnant women can switch on television to view any programs of their choice,but viewing scary and thrilling movies can be extremely harmful to the unborn child.

The recent pregnancy classes conducting yoga and other useful exercises for the expecting moms have come out with interesting statistics. It has found that around 10% of the pregnant women who watched horror and thrilling movies during pregnancy days were found to have elevated the level of stress and hormonal level, which could affect the foetus.

The stress creates sort of vibrations inside the belly that could be irritating for the unborn child. Instead, a right combination of yoga and exercises is always good for an expecting mom.

Does Watching TV Directly Harm To Expecting Mom?
If an expected mom watches television moderately, then it couldn’t any harm to either mom or the unborn child, but main focus of concern is the inactive hours associated with television watching. Usually, women who regularly participate in antenatal classes utilities their pregnancy days in a better way.

Yoga classes reveal a lot of information about what should be done and what shouldn’t be done during those days. Women are mostly benefited by such useful advises from the professional trainer. A regular practice of yoga also helps women stay in shape without retaining any extra fat.

Though, watching television for around 30 minutes to one-hour a day is not a big concern for expecting moms, but they are strictly advised to participate regularly in physical activities and other yoga sessions at Prenatal class for the well-being of herself and the foetus as well.

Why Garbh Sanskar is Ideal for Pregnant Women?
Meanwhile, participating in Garbh Sanskar can be productive too. It refers to a child’s mental development through elevating the level of mom’s mental peace in those days. By the 6th month, unborn baby can hear and reposition in the beat of mother’s voice. Listening to good music or happily singing give positive vibrations to it. These emotions influence the baby’s personality.

A pregnant woman can also do light massage on belly, participate in little swimming and walking activity in the early morning apart from a regular practice of yoga and exercises. To fight boredom, pregnant women should ideally watch television in frequent intervals of shorter durations, but experts at pregnancy classes strictly suggest avoiding watching horror or scary movies.

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