Pritika’s Birth Story: Meditation helped me gage the courage

Hi Everyone, I feel glad to share my angel’s birth story with you all…

Delivery day: 22 Jan 2018

8 am: my day kicked off with my routine of morning walk for 30-45 mins, but it was a bit uncomfortable as there was some liquid discharge and I was unsure if it’s the water bag leakage or not ( the water discharge was more than the regular days , especially from what I also experienced a day prior to it).

10:30 am: I called up my Gynae. Dr.Anupama Goel to confirm, to which she advised me to come and visit her once.

11:15 am: After doing a pv at the hospital my doc confirmed that the water bag has ruptured (that may happened around 7 am, the same morning) and now they can only wait for another 30-40 mins for labour pain to start or else they will have to induce me. My doc also told me that hospital norms only allow them to wait for 4 hours once the water bag is ruptured as there are chances of infection. (Meanwhile my husband came from office).

11:30 am: I called up Neeru Ma’am and discussed the situation, Ma’am advised me go home and work on few home remedies to start up Labor, wait for some time and then come back.. but when I told the doc that I would like to go home, she denied saying that’s it. It’s already been a lot of time that the water bag has been ruptured and I need to be admitted as soon as possible.

11:50 am: Got admitted at the hospital (Goosebumps).

12:15 pm: The hospital staff started to induce me via drip and minor contractions started around 1: 00 pm.

The mild contractions continued till 5 pm and were tolerable.. I was walking, breathing, resting and squatting all the time as told by Neeru mam.

5:10 pm: My doc did another pv, my cervix got open by 4-5 cm but I still need to work hard to push it to 10 cm for baby to come out.

5:30 pm: Major contractions begin and I started squatting and breathing with every coming contraction, this was tough but Pregnancy101 classes really helped.

7:00 pm: Doc told me that the baby’s head is still not appearing down and the baby is not pushing herself out may be because there was a cord around her which was not letting her push out… doc said I might have to go for a c section in next 10 mins.

7:05 pm: My doc called the OT and asked the team to get the room ready for “c-section”.Doc told me to try as hard as possible for last 3 times and if nothing works then I will be operated. I took a deep breath chanted om and remembered god … motivated myself and pushed hard and finally delivered successfully WITHOUT epidural .

7:15 pm: I delivered a sweet little angel and it was a relief … body was light and there was no sign of pain right after the birth.

Thx to Neeru Maam (P101 childbirth educator) and my doc for all the motivation and support.

Exercising regularly made a lot of things smooth even the meditation classes helped me gage all the courage and believe in myself for making things work.

Neeru Verma

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