Priya Narang’s Birth Story: I was lucky to have an extremely positive experience with my daughter’s cesarean section birth

My birth story is not proof of me being very strong or brave, though I respect the girls who have been super brave:), I wanted to share this story for anyone who finds themselves in my situation – your baby is breech and for whatever reason, either she won’t turn or your doctor advises you against an attempt to manually turn your baby, you end up having a c-section.

I realize that so many people have negative experiences with c-section, and I think it’s because the majority of those cases are emergency after the poor mother has labored intensely for hours and is disappointed with the news that after all that effort, the baby has to come via c-section. For me, that wasn’t the case, and I was lucky to have an extremely positive experience with my daughter’s c-section birth.

*if any of you have a friend who’s preparing for a c-section, please feel free to share this with her.*

I knew for a couple weeks I’d likely have a c-section since my baby had entangled herself in her cord, and as I visited my Dr. On the morning of 14th December for my regular checkup, My dr. Couldn’t find my baby’s pulse, she was so badly entangled, after checking that the baby is absolutely ready to come in this beautiful world, we decided to go for a c-sec there n then,

Since no mom is prepared early😃, we have our due date on our mind, it took me a while to be prepared to meet our lil one, I had about 2 hours with me before the operation, so we decided to collect my bag, visit temple, n be back, n as we were back, in no time, my bundle of joy had arrived, n my husband smilingly told me, its a girl😊, I was on top of this world💓

Today finally she gave me some time to write and share my birth story with you all since I had a hard time finding anybody posting positive c-section birth stories. Plenty of beautifully detailed vaginal birth stories, yes, but not c-section births, I thought i’l share mine, because it was truly POSITIVE & BLISSFUL

I had several people tell me, before and after birth, “oh I’m so sorry you had a c-section,” and even things like “I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience real birth.” I felt disappointed, afraid, and like I was cheating or doing something wrong. I’m here to say that no matter what way you bring a child into the world, it’s a miracle. Birth is a miracle

I extend my extreme gratitude to my doctor, Dr.Sonia Chandnani, She Stood confidently by my side, Staff of Bombay Maternity Hospital, super co-operative and informative, My Husband My Strength, My Tanu Bhabi my power, My Family, who’s always by my side!

Very thankful to Rita’s Pregnancy 101, Tushita Mam and Neha mam, who made our journey healthy and supremely informative, and helped us all new mommies, to enjoy the journey 💓 I cherish every moment spent with my preggy friends and hope to keep in touch🤗

Tushita Rathod

Tushita is a passionate and enthusiastic child birth eductaor, who has received comprehensive training directly from Rita Singha at Pregnancy 101, Ahmedabad. She wants to make the right information available to the pregnant women, allowing them to make informed decisions. Working closely with the moms & dads to be, Tushita can make pregnancy & childbirth a truly healthy & joyful

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