Proud Mother of An Angel Says This is How She Came in My Life

On 2nd March 2020 was the day when I came to know that I was expecting it was a very joyful moment. As the time passed everything was going smooth my husband has to travel a lot because of his nature of business but since it was covid time.he couldn’t travel and we both enjoyed each and every moment together from the first ultrasound, the 1st kick buying new maternity clothes as the time was passing it was so beautiful. I was enjoying each day of my pregnancy so much of pampering and love from everyone at home was overwhelming .

It was my 8th month and I went for my regular checkup when the doctor told me that the water level of the bag is low and you might deliver early. I got so tensed and so everyone at home pre mature baby was a big concern I panicked and rescheduled the Jappa maid‘s arrival date 😬 but by god’s grace when I went to the doctor again after 15 days the water level had raised by itself and the doctor said that your baby wants to take full time before she comes out I was so happy. As soon I started with my 9th month I started all the preparations. Making space for my little one in my room cleaning all wardrobes, packing the baby bag and hospital bag.

It was 21st oct at around 11:30pm I was very uneasy as the baby was moving a lot I couldn’t sleep till 2:30 am. I woke up around 3:30 again and felt back pain. I had back pain throughout the pregnancy so i didn’t take the pain so seriously. I tried sleeping I woke up around 4:30-5:00 am and the pain was still there I tried sleeping but couldn’t. Then I analysed that the pain was coming and going it was not the normal back pain. I was quite sure that I was in labor as to what I had learned from the Lamaze class which I had attended with Neeru Mam. I started noting down the contraction and there intervals I called Neeru Mam around 8 in the morning and told her about the contractions she told me that there is still time take a good sleep keep moving, stay at home and do as many squats as you can. I followed her instructions.

I was home the whole day and went to the doctor at 6:00 in the evening the doctor did the ultrasound and the internal checkup and told me that I was 2 cm dilated and asked me to get admitted. I asked her if I can stay home and take pains she advised me not to take risk as at home you can not monitor the heartbeat of the baby i decided to get admitted as i didn’t wanted to take any risk we went back home had my dinner and did last minute packing and went to the hospital it was 11 pm when I got admitted to the hospital the nurse took me the to room and checked the baby’s heartbeat and did my internal and I was 3 cm dilated till then. The pains were bearable and I was at ease the nurse came at around 2 am to check the baby’s heartbeat and dilation and I was just 3 cm dilated till then. I kept myself moving as what I had learnt from Lamaze class by Neeru Mam.

The nurse came around 4 am again and she checked the baby’s heartbeat and checked the dilation I was still 3 cm dilated and there was no progress then I started to do more squats and did deep squats as today by Neeru Mam. I sat on exercise ball for maximum time and did deep squats for 1 mins each the pain was getting more intense now labor breathing was very effective to stay a little relaxed the doctor came around 7 am and did the internal examination and I was 6 cm dilated. I was happy that there was some progress this gave me the motivation to practice more deep squats around 8:30 the doctor came again and did the internal examination and I was 8 cm dilated now and the pain was at its apex she asked her staff to take me to the operation theatre the doctor asked me to push twice and the baby will be out till that time I was so exhausted and tired since it had been approximately 30 hours in pain. I pushed hard during the contractions but the baby head was a little big so it was difficult for the baby to come out the doctor asked to push and push and then came The special moment when my angel was out and the doctor kept her on my tummy that very moment the pain just vanished and after having her in my arms all pain was so worth-full all thanks to Neeru Mam for constant support, guidance and motivation. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance all the educational classes and the Lamaze class which I attended with you was of great help can’t thank you enough for everything 🙏🏻

Thank you so much Mam for everything 🙏🏻😘😘😘

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Neeru Verma

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