Punita’s Birth Story: Thank you Rita’s Pregnancy 101 for making the journey so beautiful and memorable.

“Pregnancy” a phase that every mother wants to remember throughout her life and that very journey was made smooth and interesting by P101.

I saw my sister Pujita’s pregnancy journey with P101, how much she enjoyed the classes and the group they had then and the play dates now. Not to forget she had a Normal delivery too. That forced me to join P101. I joined prenatal classes from my 2nd trimester (4th month) itself and I was regular in attending the classes. The sessions were interesting with chit chats, exercise, knowledge and experience sharing and meditation.

Labor, normal delivery, csec these were very fearful words for me but P101 helped me believe that a Normal delivery is possible. Exercise classes made my body physically ready for it and information classes helped me prepare myself mentally. Since I had a busy schedule at work I couldn’t attend all the classes but I managed on the most important one the “Labor class” to be attended mandatorily with husband. It helped me and my husband know a lot of important things for D day.

So here goes the story

I was in my 37th week, I was told by my P101 educator Geeta di to start the list of things for natural contractions to happen. I had just begun with couple of them.

On 18th Jan midnight I had my contractions. They were manageable and looked to be false as they weren’t timed ones. In the morning at 10 am I had spotting. I had my 2nd pelvic exam on the same day. I had plans of attending the information class so thought of going to the hospital in the evening but since there was spotting we went to the hospital in the morning itself. Doctor examined and asked me to visit again on 24th Jan ’18. After we were back from the hospital the entire day I was fine with just back ache.

Again from 12 am onwards on 19th Jan’18 the contractions started. Getting stronger and stronger with time. I downloaded a contractions app and was timing the same, it was coming in regular intervals. As advised in the P101 information class I was roaming around in the house, walking, holding and standing to divert my mind, my husband worked on the pain management pressure points. I also practiced the breathe in breathe out technique, mind you all taught to us in P101.

At 4:15 am I thought of trying to sleep despite having pains at its peak. At 6 am my water broke with a sudden gush of water. I took a shower and we immediately rushed to the hospital.

I was taken in the labor room around 7:30 am and I delivered my little bundle of joy (Baby boy) at 8:10 am on 19th Jan’18. The series of things that happened in the labor room were practically new but were exactly what Geeta di had explained in the class hence mentally I was all prepared for it.

Thank you P101 (Ms. Rita,Geeta di and Kajal) for making me believe that it was possible and for making the journey so beautiful and memorable. You will always be recommended. I tag you as a testimonial brand.

Geeta Solanki

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