Roma’s Birth Story: ‘Motherly instincts are never wrong’

Roma’s Birth Story

Here is my experience of my big day hope it motivates u all moms to be.

On 10th Sept night pain started in my lower pelvic area it was not very regular but was constantly der. I had a sleepless night.

In the morning also the pain was there coming and going.I knew it’s not true labor (as I learnt in my class at P101) so was ignoring it. Then I called Geeta ma’am. Even she was like keep track of your contractions.

In the Afternoon I visited the hospital even there they were like nothing to worry. It’s just that you are feeling baby’s head pressure.

At night again at 8 I visited the doctor, since I was feeling so uneasy. She did an internal check-up and told me to chill. It’s not labor pain. Your cervix is 0% dilated.

Next morning I left for Palanpur by train(my delivery was planned there). In the evening I visited the doc in Palanpur. Even he was like your cervix is closed.There is still some time. Visit me after a week. By now I was highly frustrated coz aisa lag rahatha maikyakaro it’s paining and docs kuch bol he nahi rahe.

So he said if u want, get detailed sonography done for ur satisfaction. So again I went to a sonography center.Reports said baby head not engaged, but fluid was little less and there was cord around the neck (one loop). Even he told me that it will be at least a week before ‘D Day’.

So my doc gave me medicine to increase fluid and said visit after a week.That nightI was again sleepless coz the pain.I was walking around just passing time. Then around 3 am pain started in my lower back area plus the pelvic area. So I knew this is true labor. At 5 der was some discharge with blood in it.I was timing my pains which now was in regular intervals (Motherly instincts are never wrong).

I took a good half n hour hot water shower and that was so very relaxing. And as Geeta says to use gravity friendly positions so I mainly walked around.

Also d idea of staying back home till I was able to manage things on my own. We went to the hospital at 10 am, the doc checked and said cervix was 2 cm dilated, then they gave me an injection to increase the pain.

At around 1 they took me in the labor room. At 2.45 the doc told my family we will try another 5 min then go for the cord is around the neck and it is getting riskier.

Luckily my angel came out in the next 5 min.

Thank you pregnancy 101 for all the motivation and constant support throughout my pregnancy and the big day.

The labor class was a big help. My husband and I were educated enough to be prepared mentally with what’s gonna happen and how to handle it all.

Geeta Solanki

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