Rupal gave Birth to a baby Girl Normally with 2 Days of Labor at 41 Weeks and one day with full Moral and Physical Support

Usually when we at Rita’s Pregnancy 101 get a new mom to be clients, they generally have some doubts like whether I will be able to do squats, yoga, floor exercises etc. during pregnancy.  But they all start seeing the difference physically as well as mentally within 10-12 days and then the happy journey goes on…. So P101 team always try to keep them active, healthy and informed with our regular sessions. Hi! I am Nikita, a childbirth educator at Rita’s Pregnancy 101.

Now talking about Rupal Trivedi, first time mother, started attending prenatal class from her 5th month. She used to go to the gym for long time back but not before conceiving. Her body muscles used to be very stiff but she started very strong and she hardly missed the exercise classes. I always ask all moms to be for their regular walk, squats on weekends and I make sure they don’t eat junk often on weekends.

Somehow Rupal always used to think about Caesarean due to lack of self-confidence and her weight gain. And it was my responsibility to make her more positive for her normal birth and make her calm and relaxed. I always used to guide her to do meditation at home, reading, to work towards positive affirmation etc.  Touchwood, her pregnancy was very smooth and healthy. Real task started when she completed 37th month. In our labor class, we share the list on non pharma logical ways to induce labor naturally. She started with all the home remedies we suggested to her. Post 37th week, all her doc visits with Dr Nidhi Jain used to be quite good and there were no sign of tension in terms of amniotic fluid, heart rate of baby, movements etc . But her baby was gaining good weight so she always used to worry how she will deliver heavy baby. Days were passing by but no sign of true labor was there. Dr Nidhi Jain is known for Normal Birth. I had spoken to the doctor about Rupal’s health. She was confident for her normal delivery. Dr Jain always waits for natural labor to start. She was very clear that she will not do anything unless and until there is any sign of labor. Constant calls from her relatives and near and dear ones used to make her more worried about the delivery. I always used to tell her to enjoy this moment and stay relax.

During her 40th week, on her doctor’s visit on 3rd Jan, doc checked internally and confirmed about cervix effacement. We were finally relaxed!!! She was continuing with the classes. 100 full squats plus duck walk, she used to do very smoothly. The Final doc visit was on 6th Jan, her cervix was 1cm dilated. She started experiencing painful contractions. And I happened to be at studio for class. We shifted her to studio. Where she walked, did squats, ball exercise etc plus so much of laughter to change her mind and make her happier. Though IV was there in her one arm, doctor said allowed her for everything like movements, positions, socialising, and attending exercise class, eat and drink. Labor was not progressing as it should be. Entire day and night went passed. Her husband was a strong labor support for her. Entire Tuesday also passed like this. Tuesday she was extremely tired and decided to give up. Her husband Utsav called me and we encouraged her. Till the time she was just 6 cm dilated. Doctor advised to take epidural rather than giving up at this stage. She had a good sleep after that. Her body recovered well after sound sleep. Towards morning contractions became strong and she was shifted in OT.

Because of heavy baby, baby was not descending after 9cm. Crowning part was not visible after good number of push. Doctor decided to take baby out through Vacuum rather than episiotomy. And finally baby was out. I witnessed pushing stage and the birth. Constant motivation and moral support helped her a lot. And Yes Rupal gave birth to a baby girl normally at 41 week and one day… Full term baby’s weight is 3.8kg. Yay that’s possible!!

From her journey I would like to conclude that:

  • Always stay positive for your health and birth. Do meditation and Visualization
  • Workout…Sweat… Repeat… Yes workout is must till the time you deliver. It makes you strong  physically as well as mentally.
  • We must respect our body. Please try hard for normal birth. Why to have unnecessary  permanent scar when your body can deliver naturally.
  • Educate yourself for the labor.
  • Eat healthy to stay healthy.
  • Choose a doctor who believes in normal birth. She/He should respect all your wishes for labor, birth and after birth.


Nikita Panchal

Proud P101 team member

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Nikita Panchal

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