Should I join Prenatal classes?

Pregnant women & their partners often get confused about whether they should join prenatal classes during pregnancy or not. The kind of questions are:

+ will pregnancy classes be helpful?

+ will we learn anything new and useful?

+ are exercises safe during pregnancy?

+ isn’t everything covered by the doctors anyways?

+ what is actually taught in the classes?

Dr. Meena & Dr. Chirag Amin, Ahmedabad’s prominent gynaecologists with more than 20 year of experience in women’s healthcare have helped clarify this for the expectant couples. With more than 10 deliveries in an average week, Dr. Amin are well qualified to shed light on how prenatal classes help today’s women.

Dr. Amin has identified the advantages of attending pregnancy classes such as:’

+ Optimum weight gain during pregnancy

+ Physical & Mental benefits of prenatal exercises

+ Info classes & how they prepare you for labor

+ Importance of breast feeding

+ Networking with other pregnancy women

+ Help improving doctor patient relationship

This 10 minute video will help you decide if pregnancy classes are for you or not.

You can join Prenatal Classes¬†at Rita’s Pregnancy 101, classes are currently available at Ahmedabad, Surat and Chandigarh. For more details please visit :


Rita Singha

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