Shubhangi’s Birth Story: Labour not only test you physically but also mentally

No one can prepare you for physical pain of labour except for Rita’s Pregnancy 101. I was not only prepared physically for the pain but mentally too, which also proved to be one of the greatest asset during labour.

As for my story, I started having contractions around 6:30 in evening on 24th December, I started timing them as taught to me by my childbirth instructor at Rita’s Pregnancy 101. They were quite apart so I stayed at home. Next day early morning my contractions were some 7 min apart so I contacted my doctor she asked me to visit for check-up. I did my daily chores took some liquid diet and left for the hospital.

Once I reached hospital they did the initial check-up. My doctor informed me that the dilation has started (which was 2 cm) so they admitted me at around 11:30am. I was directly moved to LDR and started timing my contractions.

One hour late, I was induced with artificial pains to increase the intensity of pain and they asked me to be bedridden, but I insisted them that I wanted to walk, they were surprised but honored my request. While moving the pain were bearable. In fact I was talking, smiling, joking around. They were surprised to see my pain bearing capacity and increased the dosage of pain but the dilation was still 2 cm, they gave me injection to speed up the process and also asked me if I want to take an epidural.

I asked them to wait for another hour or so for epidural as the pains were still bearable. By 4:30 in the evening the pains became unbearable and I was bedridden. The dilation had also started. I asked them to give me epidural and they obliged, dilation process speed up after that and they broke my water around 6:30 to 7 pm and again they increased the dosage of pain. Now the pain was unbearable I again asked them to increase the dosage of epidural but they refused as it was not good for the baby so as suggested by Geeta di I tried maintaining calmness as anxiety makes the process even more difficult. My husband reached my bedside around the same time, as he was traveling from Ahmedabad to my home town. (He also attended the labour class with me so he also tried to make me stay calm, talking to me, patting my forehead, diverting my mind, talking nonsense).

By 9 pm after 9 and half hours of painful active labour I delivered my little one. It took me 2 hours to recover from the ordeal (recovery timing is actually the best part in normal delivery).

I had already discussed my birth plan with my doctor so she asked me to breastfeed my LO and I was able to breastfeed him within a short time after labour(this is the beauty of normal labour).

Once as I shifted to my room, my doctor came to visit and complimented me that due to all the knowledge I had and my patience she was able to pull off 9 hours of active labour. Also when one of the lactation experts came to visit she also was impressed with my technique of breastfeeding as a new mommy.

But the actual credit goes to my guide Geeta di, P101 and the team of doctors during labour. I couldn’t ask for better experience and guidance.

Labour not only test you physically but also mentally and here at P101 they prepare you mentally for what to expect.

Geeta Solanki

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