So Precious! My Beautiful Prenatal Classes Journey With Rita’s Pregnancy101

 Shikha Mashroo's Journey With Rita’s Pregnancy101

Shikha Mashroo’s Journey With Rita’s Pregnancy101

It has been quite a while that I have been wanting to pen down my experience or say my moments of Prenatal pregnancy.

Sometimes I feel, all has happened so fast-few days back I was PREGNANT, carrying a life inside- and today I have officially become a mother, a life in-front of me- smiling, making faces, wondering, staring, gazing everyone with small eyes. In short, its Real- It’s my Baby, my life, my Jigar Ka Tukada.

The above words are not enough to describe it. Today when I look back or when someone ask me about how was your pregnancy- it takes me 9 months back or precisely 8 months when we came across the news that we are expecting. Honestly, I was not on top of the world feeling like jumping with joy….no melodrama please….it took me a while to sink in the news. I normally behaved, but yes, from that day on-wards, it was not completely became WE. My every thought, every action, what I eat, drink was carefully taken care of. While I had everyone around me, Hubby, Family, friends, but I was still searching someone; deep inside me, who understands me, share my thoughts, concerns who feel the same condition, like I was. One who would say Being Pregnant is normal and very much real…I will still be the same individual. Someone who will prepare me in going through the journey of my lifetime, probably the only one.

Often we were asked to be active during pregnancy. When we ask old folks what is being active, it is dusting, cooking, arranging your wardrobe…basically all household activity. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. It’s not their fault, they had done during their time.

I like to highlight the fact, that today women are well aware that they need to be fit n healthy. But most important is being healthy mentally. What’s the point if you are doing, where your mind is not there. No point in pleasing others, at-least during this time of your life. Do what you want. Do the good reading, listening to music, and do household chores but in the limit where your body can support.

And there I came across Rita’s P101. It might sound a little weird n funny. Few years back, may be in 2006, a movie had come – Salaam Namaste, where Priety Zinta had joined prenatal class and from that day I had thought, if I ever get a chance I will also join the same.

Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainath usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai

To many it may be a just a Prenatal class or Pregnancy related information center, but for me it was my second home – a place where I could be myself, which gave me my much needed space and Friends for a lifetime. Our babies will be Soul Friends if not brother’s n Sisters

Its all in mind. Our trainer Gita while taking a class on Labor- often repeated, “It’s all in Mind” about the pains, but today it is applied across. It is all about how I wanted my pregnancy to be…

I joined in my forth month and continued till a week before I delivered.

Talking about it- It was sheer pleasure- total fun, laughter, gossip and of-course workout, which had helped me tremendously in staying active. I was able to do all my work till last day, in fact I drove the car till last day. What more I would have expected. By attending the class, I learn about different technical terms, and everything about pregnancy, baby care, post natal care.

Most important it had given me the confidence of having healthy pregnancy throughout and having a healthy delivery. My family members encouraged and were equally amazed on seeing my confidence and health.

This was because I have always imagined of having Healthy Natural and Timely delivery.

Well, the term Natural should not be confused with “ Normal”. For me, my baby heath and mine were important keeping in view what Doctor suggests in the end. Giving birth is itself a natural process.

Coming back to Pregnancy101, the support we received from Kajal & Gita and batchmates, the sharing of information etc. made us all short time Doctors. Where by we all shared tips, Dadi Ma ke Nuske….


My Friends group included Purnima, Shraddha, Payal, Ashima, Alisha, Kinjal and Ishita. Kya din the….

Pot Lucks, lunches, sharing recipes, shopping lists and so much more. In fact the kind of stuff I had shared with my friends, I didn’t even share with my Mom.

Well not mentioning of Mobile we made for babies will make my story incomplete. Credit to our craft teacher Shraddha – we can now confidently tell our kids that during pregnancy we also did something constructive.

In the end, I would like to thank Kajal and Geeta from P101 and my crazy friends from the bottom of my heart for making my Pregnancy journey life time memorable.

Shikha Mashroo

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