Stay Home Till Your Contractions Are 3 Min Apart

P101 Student Kalyani from Germany shares her story

Hey all, I became a mother to a cute Lil boy on 11th May(in the 38th week + 4 days). Here goes my journey- I started getting mild cramping early morning at 4 am on the 10th. I kept calm and tried sleeping again, Around 8 am I started measuring the contraction timings . They were 5 mins, 10 mins, or 20 mins apart. There was no particular frequency. Still, I chose to call the hospital, they said till it’s not 3 mins apart contractions I can stay at home. By evening my contractions were 5 mins apart n at regular intervals. I decided to go to my gynaecologist around 4 pm. She checked my dilations, it was 2 cm, and she manually inserted a finger and made another 1 cm dilation for me and asked me to go for a walk. I went for a long walk and then called the hospital around 5 pm. I was told at 6 pm that I have 3 cm dilations. I was given a Tablet to increase dilation and a mild pain killer. The pain got really intense as a sudden sharp pain in the back, I used to recite om 1-20 times. I was getting to understand the contractions that it goes away in 20 counts. Then I decided to sleep from 8 pm till 12 with pain, it worked somehow. At 12 am, I was at 8 cm dilation, and my husband was called. By 2 am I was at 10 cm dilated n by 2.08 with 4-5 push in malasana , we met our lil one ☺️.


Regular work out/ yoga kept my body flexible, my stamina got high & kept my anxiety at paar. Regular malashan , squats, pelvic floor exercises, etc in P101 classes made my hips flexible and helped in delivery. Meditation classes taught me how to train my mind to focus else when in pain. I was on constantly meditating OM throughout my contractions. My P101 educator Bhawna had a session with my husband as to how he can help during contractions- we used all the poses taught, and he massaged my pelvic floor muscles which helped in pain.

Bhawana gave all information on levels of contractions, so I was aware that it’s active labour when the contractions are 5 mins apart and are regular. That kept me calm, I didn’t panic, I waited at home for 12 hours and only when contractions were regular I went to the hospital.

I finally want to convey my huge thanks to Bhawana for her efforts. She never sat and gave instructions in class, She was active herself in class, and gave all support during pregnancy. She regularly took updates from us on our gynaecologist visits and tried to help with complications or issues .

My smooth and peaceful delivery is a gift from her and many thanks for that 🙏. I recommend Rita’s Pregnancy 101 🧘‍♀️Class to all the pregnant women.

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Bhawna Baid

Bhawna Baid is a certified hath yoga, power yoga, and Pilates trainer. Bhawna is passionate and enthusiastic about her work. Her charm and soothing approach help everyone to avoid anxiety and stress. She further enriched herself in post-natal program nurturing new moms physically as well as mentally.

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