Still I Was Strong and Believed in Myself to Deliver Normally

Tulsi from Ahmedabad shares her 2nd birth story:  I am the mom of 2 beautiful girls. I have been a student of Rita’s Pregnancy 101 class both times. Geeta mam and Nikita mam respectively.

My both pregnancies were totally different. First, I was fit n healthy did exercise, and squats till the pre void day of delivery. My labour started wd a water break at 2/30 am and by 8/30 am I delivered my elder one through normal delivery. Exclusive breasted fed by elder one for 6 months n journey went on till she weaned herself on 18 months.

Coming to a second pregnancy. Things were totally different.  Started P101 classes from 4th month, n attended classes for 1-week max n got to know cervical shortening so doc advised going os tightening process. Waited n prayed positively to maintain the length but it was 2.4 cm in the 5th month which led me to go for os tightening immediately.

Things were going good till the 6th month until the third-trimester trauma started. U list all symptoms of 3 trimesters and I had it. Be its constipation. Leg swelling, etc.  Every week new symptoms. Hell was itching the entire body which continued post-delivery too.

My doc wanted me to reach 37 weeks to consider my baby full term. But I could hardly pass time due to my heavy belly, was diff for me to walk three steps even n I did it with a toddler. But I stayed positive that I m going to complete 37 weeks for sure. Then I asked the doc to open my stitches as I was uncomfy n had stomach pain.
Forgot to mention that to avoid preterm labour I was on medication for 22 weeks which continued till 37 weeks.
So on 11/11/I,  went to open stitches n my doc said I m 3 cm dilated already.

So they asked me to get admitted n said delivery will happen soon. Once I was admitted. Doctors gave me pain ka injection n asked me to count contractions.  Being a second-time mom n having training in P101 I knew all stages of labour, my contentions lasted 20 seconds but I dint not feel any pain. Doc was surprised that dilation was just the same n pain medicine wasn’t working, nor the water break was bursting on its own.

Then I was taken to the labour room without heavy contractions. I was worried that they would go for c sec but I was headstrong to pass any damn difficulty but to deliver normally. Doc burst the water bag n found that baby has passed meconium inside. She checked dilation and no improvements found in it. they asked me to push while contractions come I was doing that on my own, (felt myself as n expert like doc) They even called up an anesthetic doc for csec n my family members approved for that too. Still, i was strong and believed in myself to deliver normally.

My doc opened up the area by manually diluting it as said to her n it was fully diluted without heavy contractions. I felt nothing serious which I felt in my first labour. Then the final time came n they asked me to push to the best i can n sisters sat up on my tummy n put external pressure on my tummy n got the baby out normally. Thank god i delivered normally but my trauma started then-after.  Baby girl arrived, they took directly to check n found that baby has swallowed some water so breathing issues n admitted her in nicu for water extraction.

Coming back to me, my cervix wasn’t getting closed n the bleeding was not stopping. Doc tried hard to stop bleeding, but nothing worked, then again they gave me labour injection means i got contraction heavily, n then they massaged my belly and closed the cervix by putting some patti inside, My doc clothes were spoiled by my blood, the floor was having spots, all the staff were panicking but i was positive that things will be fine,
Was chanting Om Namah bhgwate vasudevay n deep breathing.

Then i got shivers in my body n too much weakness that i could not speak a word my doc kissed me n appreciated my strength n I came out of it. So this is my story so much tragedy but I did what I thought in my mind n positivity helped me, Baby was given to me the next day, I offered my feed directly but due to engorgement baby could not suck so I pumped n gave my milk but I did not give a drop of formula to my baby till date she is 3 months old.

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Nikita Panchal

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