Tanya’s Birth Story: It Is Worth Taking The Labor Pain

I miss being pregnant but every time I think about my Labor pains, the only thought that’s comes in my mind is -“I can’t do this again”. They say this feeling will change once I recover.I was always scared of needles but Thanks to Yoga classes and Neeru Mam that I had overcome my child birth fear, was prepared for Labor, the new responsibility and was confident.5th Nov, the day I was blessed.

In the morning when i woke up, I noticed little spotting and i knew the time has come- baby’s and my bags were packed, we went to the hospital and after examining I was told that there was nothing wrong and we can wait for the due date which was after 5 days but till then I have to be very careful and cautious about baby movements-but as it is my MIL and Husband were tensed they dint want to take any risk so insisted on getting induced. Which I was against, but as per the doctor there was no harm in inducing because the baby is full term so even I agreed on it.

Doctor gave me a small tablet and started the drip-and in sometime the contractions started, I thought pains would come after regular intervals but the pains started wd a gap of 4-5 mins, so i started swaying on birthing ball borrowed from P101 Pregnancy Classes, and within half n hour, time gap became short and intensity of pain was high-so I started squatting.

My husband who stays in other city, I don’t know when he reached and started asking stupid questions,”Is it paining so bad? Are u ok? How much is the pain?”I just wanted to shout and scold him in really bad words but because my MiL was sitting so, I just clenched my nails on his wrist in anger; after all it was all happening because of him. Well with each contraction i was doing my breathing exercise, the pain was getting unbearable and the time gap was continuously getting less, contractions were coming after half or 1 minute and then started the strong urge to pee again n again, don’t know how but now I was breathing and screaming at the same time, that’s it they finally took me to labor room.

I dint realize I was in pain for 2hours, anyways my doc was happy because I was breathing with each contraction. I kept asking why is baby not coming out, please take the baby out, why the hell it’s not getting out, after a while I said I can’t do anymore, everything down there is ripping apart, I was tired of pushing, she said the baby’s about to come as the head is visible, that’s it, I knew now is “The Time” and with all my strength I pushed hard, I could feel the cut on my perineum. But as there was so much going on, I cud hardly understand which part of me is paining at this time i had forgotten all breathing Gyan ,i was screaming badly, I just wanted baby to come out and i felt some movement down there and suddenly I realized that the baby is out and on my tummy, this made my tummy warm,

I was happy mission accomplished -i saw the baby and they took baby foe cleaning ,then I realized baby dint cry, I asked if the baby is healthy and fine ,boy or girl, why is baby not crying-doctor told, baby is perfectly fine and am blessed with a princess, they opened the door and I could hear her loud but melodious voice-she was crying so loud. I was all teary and happy.., uhhh now placenta was pulled out, cleaning, perineum stitches ufff it was painful and finally pain vanished.

I wanted them to finish off everything asap as I wanted to hold and hug my baby tightly.. But was scared she was so delicate and tiny. Was so emotional dint wanted to talk to anybody, just wanted to cry cry cry-it was so divine as if I have done some miracle, which no one else has ever done..i was so happy as if i have achieved an award… I felt as if am a super woman who has just accomplished an impossible task-the feeling that I have created here was so overwhelming this was truly Love at First Sight the sense of accomplishment was such that I FORGOT all the pain….and then enters my husband. Three of us met for the first time. I had such mixed emotions.

Tanya’s Birth Story

I was feeling on top of the world and at the same time I was tired so I told him that’s it, no more babies-I can’t do it again, “isi se sab shock pure kar lo”.(though I was the one who always wanted at least 3kids). I am sure I will feel differently in few days time Well To sum it up all, I would just say that I have never ever fallen so deeply in love with anyone not even my husband. We always think that we love someone or some moments the most in our life ,but what one feels when one gives birth and holds the own baby for the first time surpasses everything.. there is no word in the dictionary to describe the feeling. I really thank God for this Blessing I call “NAYRA “.

Neeru Verma

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