Third stage of labour was the best

Dear Neeru Ma’am I am so grateful to you for all the guidance throughout.

On 27th November my mucus plug broke at 10:30 pm and I called Ma’am immediately. She guided me to take ample rest as there was no pain & to call in the morning for an update. I was experiencing contractions which were 10-15 minutes apart. I called her at 7 am and she advised me to do some squats, walk around, consume castor oil and raw papaya on the basis of the frequency of contractions and their duration.

Based on the Lamaze class my husband was keeping track of my contractions. As the interval of the contractions shortened by 4 pm we left for the hospital.

Internal check up revealed 1.5 cm dilation and within 2 hours, dilation was 3.5 cm and I started experiencing shooting pain.

At 11 pm on the 28th I was shifted to the labour room. Since the dilation was still at 3.5 cm the doctor decided to induce artificial pain at around 4 am.

In the hospital my first stage of labour lasted for 13 hours and was the most painful. I religiously followed the deep breathing and birthing ball exercise.

I didn’t opt for epidural because I was aware of the repercussions discussed in Lamaze classes.

My second stage labour lasted for 1 hour where I continuously did deep squats while my husband massaged my body as learned in the sessions.

Third stage lasted for 5 minutes & was the best. This was when I forgot all the pain and enjoyed the most. With each push, my strength started coming back as I could feel my baby coming to this world. I asked doctor for some skin to skin time with my baby for a few minutes.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without Ma’am’s guidance and support.

Thank you so much Neeru and Rita Ma’am for making this impossible, possible. Highly grateful! And my whole family has asked to convey their thanks to you.

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Neeru Verma

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