Though first time I was completely awake and aware of the process which itself makes us feel empowered and the happiness is priceless

Starting from conceiving a child to raising this tiny little human we all imagine a complete picture. The same was my case where I wanted everything stage by stage to go as visualized, little did I knew the power of visualization, law of attraction and baby talking.

Hi I am Reshma, a first time mom from Ahmedabad, settled in Doha, Qatar. I had come to Ahmedabad during the 7th month of my pregnancy. Searching for my gynaec I came across the reviews of Dr. Nidhi Jain. Meeting her she referred me to Rita’s Pregnancy classes and advised to stay active.

I loved the enthusiasm at the center during my first visit and the support from Ms. Nikita Panchal who made me understand the power within. The visualization of my birth plan, baby talking and positive affirmations helped me during my labor. Visualization to deliver after my husband arrives from Doha, visualization to deliver full term healthy baby all worked like a charm. Law of Attraction truly works – I believe.

It all began on 13th January – my due date, early morning, wherein I was feeling mild contractions. As per Nikita’s guidance I was recording my contraction timings and looking for other symptoms. At around 2.30 am, my water started leaking with a tint of blood. I tried to stay calm, dressed up well, woke up my parents and went to the hospital.

I was having contractions every 8 – 10 minutes when I was admitted at 3.30 am. Instead of lying down I put gravity to work by walking around focusing on my breathing.

Doctor came in to check me at around 9.30 am and I was around 4 cm dilated. During the examination my water broke with gush of amniotic fluid. Because of this doctor suggested to wait for natural pain cycle and didn’t induce further. I tried all the breathing techniques, took warm shower, focusing on birth plan. Nikita came in to support me with the further exercise and was able to walk, bounce on the birthing ball, all to speed up the process.

At around 11 am my contractions were too close and intense to bear. I started getting the urge to push or rather the pushes were automatic 😉. I asked nurses and Nikita to check the cervix or baby and which confirmed crowning. They took me to the labor room wherein I had surrendered myself to the instructions from Nikita and my baby. They guided me and here came our handsome little hero.

All I learnt and am thankful is to Ms. Nikita, Ms. Rita and Dr. Nidhi Jain for this wonderful job to encourage preggers to have normal birth or feel empowered. Though first time I was completely awake and aware of the process which itself makes us feel empowered and the happiness is priceless. No words can express the gratitude. THANK YOU SO MUCH TEAM P101 AND SPECIAL THANKS TO NIKITA. LOVE YOU

Definitely would recommend all the preggers out there that – staying focused and active goes a long way during this period and Rita’s P101 will have you all covered.

Lots of Love

Reshma Nambiar

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Nikita Panchal

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