Ushma’s Birth Story: A Working Women To An Enthusiastic Prenatal Student

The pregnancy test was happiest moment for us. Pregnancy changed my auto-mode drive life to gear drive mode. It taught me patience and self care.Doctor advised me to avoid driving 2 wheeler as it could hurt my back (due to my fractured tail bone). I was bit upset initially but then opted for cab to travel everywhere. On my click I could hire cab and go to work, shop and have fun.

Belonging to geek world, made my life sedentary which was not suitable for preggers. I started to include walk with my friends in lunch break, I changed my diet routine, reduced work hours gradually, slept more. And that was possible with positive support from family, friends and colleagues I sailed through 7 months of pregnancy.

In 7th month my doc was wondering why I was still going to work and not opt for maternity break. I replied that I get bored at home. She introduced me to Rita’s Pregnancy 101. I was eager to meet mommies to-be like me. A beautiful smile welcomed me at P101 – my instructor Geeta.

Ushma's Birth Story:A fun filled and informative session at P101 was then part of my day. I did all the routine enthusiastically except Squats, LOL!! Geeta encouraged me every day to reach my squat goal of 5 sets. It was 16 December the day I went to class and was bit tired still completed squats sets then took break for 5 min as I couldn’t further continue the routine. With courage and geeta’s help I completed my exercise and went home.

After dinner I was happily chit chatting with family. Suddenly I felt something and thought it was water break. After half an hour of kegels taught at P101 I managed to control it a bit then headed to hospital by 10pm. Doc examined and said it would take 6-7 hrs to reach final labor pain.

I started breathing exercises to ease my pain and discomfort. By 3am I got full term labor pain and was taken to labor room. I could manage the push position during entire birth procedure only because of regular Squats. At 3:30am Dec 17 I glanced at my little bundle of joy (Shivansh). Having normal delivery was my wish and achieving it was totally satisfying moment.

A million thanks to Rita’s pregnancy 101 especially Geeta for making my pregnancy journey smoother and bringing back my life to auto mode drive.


Geeta Solanki

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