12 Compulsory Vaccinations For Children Born in India.

What is Vaccination…..

According to me it means putting a special type of substance i.e. vaccine into your body so that your body can learn how to fight an infection

That way you will be protected from getting sick if someone around you has the germs for that infection.



Benefits/Importance of Vaccines

Why I feel the vaccination is important because every parent wants to make sure that they do everything possible to keep their child healthy and protected from preventable diseases.

Vaccination is the Best way to do that……

Vaccine-Preventable diseases haven’t gone away yet. The Viruses and Bacteria that  cause illness and death still exist and can be passed on to those who are not protected by vaccines.

It is important because it can save your Child’s life. Because of advances in medical science your child can be protected from more diseases than ever before.

It is also Safe and Effective. All the vaccines undergo long and careful review by Doctors, Scientist and Federal Government to make sure they are safe.

It protects people you care about including Family members, Grand Parents, and Friends around.

Compulsory Vaccination Versus Optional Vaccination

There are two types of vaccines, Mandatory and Non-Mandatory. All the mandatory vaccines are normally given to all the children whether they are born in government hospital or private clinic. But Non- mandatory or Optional vaccination are administered only on the request of the parent. But with increasing awareness about health many parents are now also administering optional vaccines for their children

**Mandatory Vaccines administered to all the children under Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) are:–

  1. BCG(Tuberculosis Vaccine)
  2. OPV(Oral Polio Vaccine)
  3. IPV(Injectable Polio Vaccine)
  4. Hep B(Hepatitis B Vaccine)
  5. DTap/DTwp( Diptheria, Tetanus, & Pertusis)
  6. Measles( Your Doc may recommend MMR or MR instead)
  7. MMR(Measles, Mumps, & Rubella)
  8. TT(Tetanus Vaccine)
  9. HIB( Haemophilus influenza Hep B vaccine)
  10. Vi typhoid Polysaccharide
  11. Hep A
  12. HPV

**Non- Mandatory or Optional Vaccination opted by parents are:-

  1. Rotavirus
  2. PCV(Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine)
  3. Varicella
  4. Influenza


If all the babies are followed with the government immunization schedule , the incidence of childhood diseases and the death rate of the children below 5 years will go down. The schedule eventually wishes to eradicate the diseases completely. As I know this has already happened in many countries.

  • Dr Haresh Solanki – A Pediatrician at Gujarat Child Care Hospital

Say on Vaccination …..

Prevention is better than cure. Vaccines are soldiers of our body. One should give all vaccines whether it is optional or compulsory. Vaccines preventable diseases some are lethal and some diseases leads to morbidity. By vaccine we can have protection against all disease from 80 to 100 Percent. If we think of cost…only one admission in hospital will cover your total vaccine cost.

Being a Father and Doctor I would like to advise you to give each and every vaccine mentioned in the chart

Vaccines preventable diseases among which some leads to mortality and some leads to morbidity ……!!!!

So I hope by now you know how important it is to vaccinate your child with the above information provided. For more information you can visit Rita’s Pregnancy101.

Vaccinate your child and be carefree of many disease coming across….!!

Major Adverse Effect Contraindication Cost/Range of the Vaccine
Enlargment of limphnod but its rare In case of immune deficiancy. Should not be given with Measles/MMR Govt – Free, Private Rs 300 – 400
Rarely VAPP( Vaccine associated Polio Paralysis- one in million) Immune Deficaincy Free
None Allergic Hypersensitivity Not Available in Govt, Private Rs 600
None Hypersensitivity Not available in govt, Private Rs 600
Fever with pain in DPwt Hypersensitivity Govt Free, Private Rs 300
Mild Measles like illness in <5% and Allergic reaction Immune Deficaincy, and During Pregnancy Govt Free, Private Rs 300
Mild MMR like illness in < 5% – very rare, and Allergic reaction Immune Deficaincy, and During Pregnancy Not available in govt ,private Rs 500
None None Govt Free, Private Rs 200
None Hypersensitivity Govt Free, Private Rs 600
None Hypersensitivity Not available in govt, private Rs 600
None None Not available in govt, private Rs 1400 to 1500
None Severe allergic reaction (e.g., anaphylaxis) after a previous dose or to a vaccine component. Not available in govt, private Rs 2500
Very rare intestinal Obstruction Immune Deficaincy Govt – Free, Private Rs 1000 -1400
Varicella like rash in 5% Pregnancy, Immune Deficiancy Not available in govt, Private Rs 1600
None Hypersensitivity Not available in govt, Private Rs 2000 to 4000
None None Not available in govt, Private Rs 1000



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