We Decided to Give it a Try to VBAC

Roma from Hyderabad, On 20th March, when I was about 39 weeks 5 days my real contraction started at around 11 am. Pain was coming in the interval of 20-25 minutes. I started doing breathing exercises. I walked around and kept changing positions which helped me. My husband was there with me all along to keep me hydrated and helping me by keeping me distracted from pain. This continued till 2PM. Contractions were coming at an interval of 10 to 15 minutes, but it was not very intense. My doc suggested to come to hospital when pain increases.

I tried to take a rest for some time and even slept for 20-30 mins. The pain interval kept reducing and it became intense around 6 PM. I called the doctor and she suggested to come to hospital. The doctor checked me at 6.30pm and I was only 3 cm dilated. The pain kept on increasing and it started coming at an interval of 10-12 mins. It was around 6 hours since labor started, and I was just 3 cm dilated so the doctor asked me to go home and wait as VBAC takes time.

The whole night I managed the pain by doing breathing exercises, squats and ball exercises. Also, I kept drinking water and juices at regular interval to keep myself hydrated. The nurses kept on checking and provided different sleeping positions to minimize the pain.

Next morning around 9 am the doctor checked again and said the dilation is still only 6 cm and the dilation is very slow. The doctor said that she thinks VBAC is possible but I can choose to go for C Sec. We discussed it and decided to give it a try for VBAC. This was not an easy decision as it required bearing the same pain for the next 10-12 hours. This strength came from doing yoga for the last five months. The doctor suggested eating something first and then starting with some specific types of experience, squats, breathing exercises, and birthing ball exercises to increase the dilation process. These exercises helped a lot and around 1 PM I was fully dilated to 10cm.

Now it was time to get to the pushing stage and I pushed as hard as possible desperate to get it over and meet my baby. After trying for the next 3 hours later at 4:20 pm I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl named Riddhi (meaning good fortune .really it is 😊). I would like to thank Rita’s Pregnancy 101 and especially Srishti. she was always available for any kind of help and motivated me a lot.  Yoga and asanas helped me a lot for my successful VBAC. I would strongly recommend Rita’s pregnancy 101 for expecting mothers.

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Srishti Sengar

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